I did it...but not alone:

I wrote all of the essays myself. The me.html and my resume were also my own creations.
Everything else was, at least in part, helped by other people's efforts:
My photo on the index.html page is my WPI ID photo. Also, some of the original layout work used in the second half of the page was originally implemented by my roomate Joe who is consentually aware of my use of the format.
My photo on the me.html page was my high school yearbook photo.
All photos on the high-school.html page were taken by either my family, friends, or myself, and were taken with the consent of all clearly identifiable subjects. Natick High School is in no way responsible for the content of this page (although some NHS staff is aware of its existence).
The background gif for my front page was taken from somewhere along the net. I have seen several different starfield implementations, I just happened to like this one. Since I do not see putting white dots on a black background being an exceedingly complex project, I will gladly create my own starfield gif if the original author has a problem with me using it. The background gif for my FAQ page was taken from the Background City webpage, and I'd like to thank its author.
The buckyball icon on my homepage was taken from the Buckminster Fullerine homepage.
The sorted-hotlist.html page was done in part with the mosaic2html program written by Joseph W. Vigneau and used with his knowledge and consent. Also, a thank you to Steven N. Clarke for his contributions in compiling the list.
The people.html page was originaly done by a compilation of my roomates for use by Jason Fisher. I have obtained permission both from the original authors and from Jason for its reproduction.
The name of my page on religion comes from a title of a Star Trek episode. There is relevance there and I encourage all to explore it.
All icons used in these documents were found on various pages throughtout the world-wide-web and copied without notification from the source. I took these mostly small, commonly available items to be public domain. One notable exception is the Pink Floyd icon, which I found at the now-defunct Pink Floyd homepage at Princeton. The mainainers of that page have agreed to allow me to use the icon. The other pictures on that page, of the Dark Side cover (prisms), were available at several different locations around the web. Since I could, if I wanted to, go down and scan the album cover in myself, I took them to be freely usable. I assume that the cover is copywrighted by Pink Floyd themselves, so if they have a problem with me using it, someone at EMI can contact me. If you think that I have illegally reproduced your artwork, please notify me with some sort of proof of your claim, and I will immediately discontinue their used.
Wherever possible, quotes were attributed to their original or most popular user. However, some quotes I found interesting were presented to me uncredited. I do not take credit for any of these quotes, and I would encourage anyone who knows the name of the person who is accredited the quote to inform me.
I'd like to thank Bernardo Vasquez and Geoffery Allen Borggaard for inspiration and orientation in the construction these pages.

Just a reminder: Anything not expressly listed in the above was created in whole by Alan Wood. All pages under the ~chekov tree are clearly marked as being copywrighted. Terms for using this information are clearly laid out in disclaimer.html.

© Copyright 2018 Alan Wood.
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