Freqeuently Asked Questions about Alan's Web Site:

  1. Can I get my link added to your hotlist?
    If you feel that you know of or run a site that I would like, then, by all means, email me with your suggestion. Generally I look for content-rich sites that offer something interesting. I have no set rule about dealing with commercial sites...but please don't pester me repeatedly about adding your site. If you take the time to email me something that follows logically from my pages, then I'll take the time to look at it. If I like it, I'll add it. If you want comments on your site, please mention that and I'll be happy to provide them

  2. Can I quote you as a resource for a paper I'm writing?
    My essays are copyrighted material I have personally researched and written. As such, they should be treated like any other published opinion piece. If you plan to include my stuff in your research, providing a URL reference in a citation would be appretiated.
    Often times I am interested in how people utilize my site. As such, sending me a copy or a link to your work might be appropriate.

  3. Your link to [this site] no longer works. Can you change it to this?
    Thank You! I want to hear this. If you know the new address it makes life even easier for me. I have thousands of links to maintain, so going through them myself is very difficult. But if you send me an email telling me something is broken, I'll put it atop my fix list. If you tell me how to fix it, I should have it done within the hour.

  4. Do you want to work for us?
    While I am quite happy in my current position, I always want to hear from prospective employers, if only to get a sense of what there is out there to do.
    Are you an employer in Southern California who offers flexible hours and exciting work? If so, I'm particularly interested in talking to you.

  5. Would you like to trade links?
    I welcome attempts to link to my pages from anywhere else. Indeed, I hope that if you think your page's audience would like to see my page, I encourage you to add a link. Regardless of that, you can feel free to send me your link, and, if I like it, I'll add it as described above.

  6. Why do you post essays on-line?
    The answer to this is two-fold. I write my essays in order to have a focussed, organized presentation of ideas. Writting a coherent piece forces me to reason out each step, make sure things aren't internally contradictory, and allows me to show rational thinking from start to finish. Posting my essays on line allows people to critically examine them and offer counteropinions and suggestions.

  7. You have obviously dead wrong on [this] issue. How can you live like that?
    I honestly believe I am the happiest person I know. As a result, whatever follies you may find in my reasoning or belief system have not as of yet adversly affected my life.
    I welcome discussions about my thoughts. Indeed, probably the main reason I put them online was to have a forum in which people would challenge my beliefs. So if you have some good arguments to present to me, I encourage you to do so. But please refrain from telling me that I will "burn in hell" or face some other disagreeable fate without explaining to me _why_ you believe what you belive.

  8. Can you tell me where to find [this] on the web?
    Making appropriate searches on the internet is now more of an art than a science. These days, entire companies are being created, sold, and charging a lot of money for that service. I neither have the time nor the inclination to direct my resources towards finding things for other people. Putting together my lists of links has been a long process and has given me a lot of experience at knowing where to get at information. But, for the most part, I believe I have made my knowledge available through my links. If its not on my web page somewhere, you would probably be more apt to find whatever you're looking for than I would. If it is on my web page somewhere, then you shouldn't be asking.

  9. Why do you have [this] on your web page and not [that]?
    As the designer of a personal web page, I felt that the reason to put things on the web was to give people some insight into me as a person, and to share some of the things I have found in life. As such, my pages are designed with the primary goal of conveying the information I wanted to get accross rather than the information people would want to find. Thus, if its not up there, chances are I either haven't gotten to doing it yet, or I didn't want to put it there.

  10. Why don't you have any Java/VRML/other on your web page?
    I truly hate sites that add Java or other pointless graphics, videos or imagemaps just because they know how to. I believe that a site is good if it has good content. If you think that there are ways I can better allow people to get to already existing content on my web page, then I welcome your suggestions. But if you think that I need 2-meg movie of me saying "hi" as you click on my page, then I'm not likely to take your suggestions very seriously.

  11. What do you use to create your web page?
    I manually write all my pages in straight HTML

  12. Would you like to try our software?
    Probably not. I work almost exclusively in a Unix environment, so if you're trying to sell me a piece of software that only works on Windows or Mac machines, then you might as well not bother. Even if you're selling software that works on Unix, chances are I won't have a need for it. And even if I do have a need for it, I don't remmember the last time I paid for any piece of software, and I don't intend on starting now (the beauty of public domain unix!).

  13. Why is the frames version of your hot-list not as up-to-date as your standard hotlist?
    The frames version of my hotlist was my first experiment with frames, basically as a test to see if the format worked better for my hotlist I actually found that I liked the standard one-page model better, and so I've continued to update that, and have stopped updating the frames version. I do keep the frames version on-line so that people with slow conncetions or little patience can get to only the things they want more quickly. I do eventually hope to write a script to auto-generate the frames version from the regular one, but that's real back-burner these days.

  14. Have I got a money making scheme for you...
    Thanks, but no thanks. Indeed, sending me an email with pyramid schemes or other contravities is illegal despite what the messages may say.
    On the other hand, if you're starting a small company and would like me to work for you on salary, or do a contract job or something like that, please see the "Do you want to work for us?" question above.

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