14CUX software

To read data from the 14CUX and display it in a useful way, I wrote some free/open-source, cross-platform software. It's licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0, and it's designed in two parts:

  • libcomm14cux is a library that handles the mechanics of the serial protocol required to read from (and write to) 14CUX memory via the diagnostic serial port. It depends on the PC having a serial device capable of communicating using the 14CUX signalling scheme and baud rate (as is described in the interface article.) Note: although the serial port allows a "write" operation, the ECU's stored code and data (such as fuel maps) cannot be changed via the serial port. The PROM itself must be removed and altered to change the code, fuel maps, or other data. Writing via the serial port can only change memory locations in RAM, though this should still be done with care due to the possibility of creating a bad running condition.
  • RoverGauge is a graphical front-end that uses libcomm14cux to read data from the ECU. It displays engine temperature, road speed, engine speed, and other details, using meters and gauges.

RoverGauge 0.6.0 screenshot


Both Linux and Windows packages are available to download: