Damir Juric


BP133, Rue J. von Neumann

F-91403 Orsay Cedex, France

 e-mail: damir.juric@alum.wpi.edu



Computational physics of fluid interfaces : multiphase flow, boiling, solidification, free surfaces, pattern formation, Faraday instability.


Faraday Instability

"Numerical simulation of Faraday waves", N. Périnet, D. Juric and L.S. Tuckerman, Journal of Fluid Mechanics ,Vol. 635, pp. 1-26 (2009). (854KB PDF file)

A movie of Faraday waves

Nucleate Boiling

Some movies of 3D Nucleate Boiling of Water

Multiphase Flow

"Modeling Three-Dimensional Multiphase Flow using a Level Contour Reconstruction Method for Front Tracking without Connectivity", S. Shin and D. Juric, Journal of Computational Physics , Vol. 180, pp. 427-470 (2002). (1.2MB PDF file)

Some movies of 3D simulations

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