Falling Stuff

Version 1.0b6

® 2011 David Ludwig

More info at: http://fallingstuff.shorturl.com

E-Mail the developer at dludwig@pobox.com


Mac OS X 10.6 or higher w/ a 64-bit Intel CPU, or Windows XP or higher

Installation (for MacOS X):

Double click on the Falling Stuff.saver file. This will launch System Preferences, which should prompt to install the screensaver.

Installation (for Windows):

Run the "Falling Stuff 1.0b6.exe" installer.

Special thanks to:

Erin Catto and the Box2D devs. http://box2d.org

Lincoln Ramsay and the UniMotion devs. http://unimotion.sourceforge.net

The Lua development team. http://www.lua.org

Berkeley Systems, for making the After Dark screensavers back in the day

Darren Torpey, for support

Vern Ludwig, for wisdom

Falling Stuff is a screensaver where objects of different sizes and shapes fall downwards from the top of the screen. A variety of pegs exist to give these shapes something to interact with. The concept is loosely based off of the Marbles screensaver made by Berkeley Systems for their After Dark product, however inspiration is also taken from a display at the Boston science museum's Mathematica exhibit.

The simulation has a few adjustable parameters: