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We brew old-world craft beer in an 1890's building nestled between the mighty Hudson River and the charming Main Street of Tarrytown, NY. Our traditional recipes include local, natural ingredients from the state of NY. We follow centuries-old traditions: measuring ingredients by hand, growing hops around the Village, and stirring the wort with a giant spoon.

Our beers are made to match the seasons: light, citrus flavors in the warmer months and dark, fruity flavors in the colder months. We focus on tripels, quadrupels, and wild ales - producing one barrel at a time, and carefully aging it until it's ready to drink.

It is our sincere hope that Duncan's Abbey brings strangers together to share food, drink, and stories - and that those strangers quickly become friends. Proost!

About the brewer: Justin is an engineer by trade who became interested in brewing as a way to reconnect with his European roots. When he's not brewing beer, he's always looking to meet someone new and share a story or two.
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