Mark C. Williams



Software, systems, and chaos engineering for Network Operations at the Nevada Seismological Laboratory. Housed at the University of Nevada, Reno. Contact for full CV. GitHub: markcwill



M.S. Geophysics, COAS, OSU (Earthquake Seismology) [thesis]
B.S. Electrical Engineering, WPI (Signal Processing, Suff:Music, IQP:Thailand)



Alumnus of some bands you've never heard of: guitar, piano, tambourine, spirited yodelling. Completed my Sufficiency (minor) in Music at WPI.


Escapee from the Dhamma Dhara Center. I hold court with the teleology that man should hold off on the hemlock. I have a bible made of the Gita, Ecclesiastes, and Moby-Dick stapled together. Most of my vows are involuntary.


Buddhadasa, Camus, Einstein, Freud, Huxley, Kerouac, Melville, Nietzsche, Pirsig, Thompson, Thoreau, Whitman, etc.

and life

General all-around curmudgeon.