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114. CLIMBING THE PINNACLE A short but steep climb in Pinnacle Mountain State Park, Roland, AR. Stamp by RTRW.

To reach Pinnacle Mountain State Park, take Exit 9 off I-430 at Little Rock and travel seven miles west on Arkansas Route 10, then go two miles north on Arkansas Route 300 to the park entrance on the right.

Take the West Summit Trail up to a billboard just past marker 6. Then continue about 60 steps at 60 degrees up the trail to where the talus slope climb begins in earnest. From the big flat slab with the yellow blaze in the middle, take 6 steps north off trail and do an "about face" to look at the north side of a big pointy rock. Examine the cubby hole below the rock for a box with RTRW's stamp of a rock climber. Hope this inspires you to climb to marker 10 at the top of the pinnacle!

While at the top you might look for Pinnacle Mountain and Passion Letterbox.

115. ADDING A SPLASH OF COLOR A quick rest area break on eastbound I-40 near Forrest City, AR. Stamp by RTRW.

Found Jun 27, 2005. Reported missing July 2006.

Eastern Arkansas had no letterboxes to visit while we were passing through in the spring of 2005, so, to break up the long drive from Little Rock to Memphis, we placed one about halfway between at the eastbound rest area near Forrest City. Drive east into the rest area and park in the easternmost parking space of the small lot just past the restroom building. From the NE corner of that space take above 55 steps at 25 degrees to find a microbox tucked into the east side of a south facing hole in a medium large tree. Please rehide it safely and unobtrusively in this potentially busy spot so that others may enjoy adding a splash of color to their trips as well!

636. Ghost of the Devil's Den a devilish little "cat-bat ghost" just begging to be left in western AR

When we brought a handful of ghosty traveling' light rock stamps with us on our last trip out west, we thought we'd be dropping them off in various ghost towns along the way. Somehow, however, most of them ended up in rather unexpected spots. This one just cried out to be dropped off at a bat info sign that says "Dangerously Close" and lists the types and benefits of bats in this particular park along the self-guiding nature trail of the same name that starts across the street from the visitor center and is just a short stroll down the stairs to the first trail junction. Facing the sign, there is a rock just to the right of the sign that you can sit on. Sit facing the trail and reach down with your left hand behind the tree to your left to lift the 4" rock that looks like it is suffering from white fungus syndrome. Under that rock find a 2" diamond-shaped gray stone with a strange little ghost on its back. Make sure to put it back the same way you found it so it won't haunt you!

637. AR-tistry of Limestone and Water just another little traveling' light mystery passing through AR...

Pick a number between 55 and 57 and head east a mile or so to the season of the year whose name can be picked out of the first and last few letters from the phrase "blanched almonds from an orchard". Stop in the parking lot that is on the right on your way out from the roundabout at this last feature. Find steps down to a fishing hole and look in the corner of the wall that is immediately left of them for a gray oval 1" stone under a 4" chunk of rock. Nothing but a tiny AR is on the back.


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