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325.    FISH SOUP? Just an extra tidbit that watchful eyes might catch while visiting Kettle Pond in Charlestown, RI.


We recently caught a glimpse of a tall skinny heron catching a scrawny silver fish in its beak near Kettle Pond. If you are lucky enough to find this spot, just look down under a fish-shaped stone placed where the fish would drop if it somehow managed to slip out of the heron's beak!

326.    GOING APE for SOUP in RHODE ISLAND More mischief and mayhem to add to the "soup mix" at the Stone Soup gathering at Kettle Pond.


On our way home from a recent November camping trip along the Appalachian trail in western CT, we happened to stop to visit a bunch of new letterboxes in the Southington area of central CT. We were surprised to find a box full of Apeman's "mistake" stamps, which we thought were actually not that bad and which the clue mentioned could be added to or taken away to be planted elsewhere. Well, rather than add our "own mistakes" (which we tend to plant anyway) or take the whole load of characters with us, we thought we'd just invite a few of them over for the Stone Soup gathering at Kettle Pond in Charlestown, RI. So, we piled them into the magical mystical purple get away minivan, high-tailed it over the border into RI, and parked the minivan in the far right corner of the first handicapped parking spot available!

First out of the van was "Foohy", looking pretty mean and hungry after the long drive from CT. He dashed on over to the soup cooking spot and bellowed out, "Where's the Soup???". On being told that the soup wouldn't be ready yet for about an hour, he meandered over to the nearby trail to the south, followed by the rest of the gang, and plunked himself down at the base of a tree on the left with a long peephole so he could peek out from the side and keep a watchful eye on the soup's progress.

The rest of the bunch continued down the trail. After bearing left onto the darker path, "Stewie" decided he'd had enough of tagging along, so he found a place to play with a stone at the base of a "soup bowl" tree on the left. (Too bad the "soup" wasn't thicker so he could call it a "stewie tree"!)

The others kept on truckin' along the trail to the very end. The leggy hippy gal of the bunch found a spot to bide her time with arms akimbo staring out to sea by a large white rock on the right, behind a small stoned orange on the far side.

The remainder headed back to see if the soup was done, but two ape brothers were having a jolly good time just enjoying the trees, especially when two curvaceous sisters on the left (within sight of the two brother "stew" tree) caught their attention. Just 20 steps west from the two sisters, they sat on a double seater and started laughing so hard that they fell over behind it, just missing hitting their heads on two small stones midway!

Now the last of the jolly bunch rolled down the trail, spotting a six foot stump on the left, including a very tall spigot, that sort of reminded them of a barrel. They went over to take a look, found the barrel already half empty, so they just rolled over on top of the wooden shelf that had fallen down, laughing all the way!

So, now the apeman himself trudged back alone, keeping left with the dark trail heading toward the opposite side of the building from where the soup was. Before regathering his motley crew for the return trip to CT, he decided to take a snooze under the southwest side of a big gray boulder that had a green mossy spot touching the trail on the left. Please go rouse him for some soup and leave him a nice little wake-up note!

Hope you had as much fun as a barrel of monkeys looking for these characters. If you have time to spare before the soup is ready and want to continue "monkeying around", you can head over to the western parking lot (for authorized vehicles only) and look for the monkeys that we helped Lenny plant over there for the "kids"!

332.    STONE SOUP VEGGIES Just a few more ingredients for the Stone Soup kettle.


336.    HUSH HUSH HHH A quiet place of retirement for our old Inn of The End for those who absolutely need to drop off an old hitcher and pick up another one that needs a ride.



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