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SEVERAL MORE LOST THINGS in CT A few more "offshoots" through some colorful woods

It seems that I lost a few more things in CT in the fall of 2012. First, I lost my most recent sig-stamp, the little RI red rooster in hiking boots, carved by Birds on a Wire from Idaho. It was most likely on a big "catch-up" boxing day in central CT, along the NET (New England Trail), also called the Metacomet Trail in these parts. We did about 20 miles and several dozen boxes that day, and I used my old handwritten "AT trail signature" at most boxes, so it would be hard to know exactly when the stamp went missing. The last place I remember using it was at the big rock climbing wall section of the trail in Southington, but it wasn't there when we went back to check, so it could be most anywhere in the central CT area! (anywhere, that is, except the Berlin dog park!;-)

Next, I lost my color wheel, which I had gotten as a prize at a gathering in NJ hosted by Lotus and Celtic Cat several years back. Knowing my propensity to lose things, Pete had even attached a label tag with my name on it to the top, but even that did not prevent it from wandering away from me at a recent gathering of Girl Scouts in Mansfield, CT, whether at the exchange tables or out on the trails of Camp Laurelei has yet to be determined ...

Finally, I even managed to lose a bright orange hunter's vest while out re-hiking the Quinnipiac Trail in December. How a bright orange vest could slip off my shoulders onto the snow-covered ground without either Pete or myself noticing is a mystery indeed, but that is what must have happened, probably while stopped at one of the 20 or so boxes spaced about a mile apart along the QT!

Anyway, if anyone comes across any of these lost items, please, please let me know! I may not appear to be very "physically attached" to things, since they seem to slip right away from me, but I am rather attached to them emotionally, so I always hope things will turn back up, and sometimes they do - like that 20th anniversary CDT compass that made its way back home to me in RI a while back, several months after we'd been boxing in upstate NY!

So, it would be just great if someone went along all the trails we've been re-hiking lately in CT and found these actual lost things of mine. However, to find the little stamps representing my latest batch of lost items, all you'd have to do is go to one place - a lovely little woodsy area greatly favored by Pete that already has some lost things in it. In fact, the lost things are sort of color-coded, so we'll try to put you on some different colored trails from the ones presently containing other lost items.

To find my lost color wheel, go about 50 steps up the green trail towards a green-blazed tree with a long root finger pointing southeast down from the rocky ridge. Take 8 steps right (east) along the base of the ridge and look under a flat stone behind a very small 3-trunk hemlock growing in the ledge.

To find my lost sig-stamp, get to the junction light blue with yellow, then go 8 steps easterly off the yellow trail to some boulders. Look under a flat stone in the middle of the "rock sandwich" to the left, to see a sad imitation of that little lost hiking rooster. (Now you can see why I don't care to carve!;-)

To find my lost orange vest, get to the junction of yellow with orange. Proceed 8 steps up orange towards a stone wall, and then go 8 steps right, passing a 2-trunk tree to the first boulder at the base of a mini-cliff. Look under that boulder behind another flat-sided stone for this last lost item.

Hopefully we won't be losing anything else in a hurry, but if there's anything anyone else has lost that they'd like us to keep an eye out for in our travels, just let us know!


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