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129. WINGED SCARAB A little bit of foreign culture that has winged its way across the middle of the Atlantic!

To find this sacred beetle (carved by Talking Turtle of NY for Scarab of VA and now located somewhere in between) fly away from the ancient land of the Nile delta to an eponymous place in the new world. From a "pyramid of green" where you may leave your chariot, cross over to a sacred land of the dead beyond to the east. Don't be fooled if a scribe should try to tell you that some of the unusual "hieroglyphs" you can see on the nearby "Rosetta Stones" are in "Deutsch"! Some are, indeed, rather revolutionary! If you should spot a row of these to the north, with a 4-father tree to the east, tipping a stone slab on its north side just might reveal an ancient treasure beneath!

408. A Breath of Fresh Air A mystery box currently planted along the AT upwind of some PA farmlands

Checked 10 Oct 2010 - still there!

No, this is not the mystery box that we've been meaning to plant in PA for years, but just never seem to get back around to the proper place for planting it! This is just a temporary placement to keep us in compliance with one of Lightnin' Bug's boxes from which we were almost chased off by a scruffy, rabid-looking raccoon! (We had already planted this box near our camping spot of the night before and after the Zoo gathering, so that raccoon had no business trying to run us off either! ;-)

Anyway, this microbox, contains just a crappy little leftover stamp reminiscent of a gathering we didn't even go to (since we generally avoid the "big shindigs"), and we don't recommend going after it unless you happen to be traveling through the area. We had meant to put it a bit closer to the Trexler Game Preserve, but every animal there was kept as neat as a pen, with no discernible smell whatsoever! So, off we went to a spot we remembered along the AT that always seems to have a whiff of farmland wafting up to it, on a mountain road about halfway between a barn full of cats and a lake full of leeches. Once there in the parking lot, simply head west to the gate, find three co-linear boulders to the left of the gate and three co-linear trees to the left of the boulders. Then just look under a couple of flat stones in the right hand corner at the base of the third tree where it meets the wall, if you have any interest at all in finding this silly little "compliance microbox"!

416. Presidential Pancakes Just another little tidbit for anyone interested in finding this "curiosity" of a statue!

This is the mystery we've been meaning to plant for about 6 years now, and just never seemed to get back around to that spot to plant it! In fact, so much time had elapsed since we visited the original spot in our pre-letterboxing days that we completely forgot what it was that the president was supposedly eating, which accounts for why the stamp shows something different (pierogi) from what is actually on his plate (placki!;-)

Anyway, to find this little box, first locate the slightly larger than life sculpture of an American President sitting at a table next to a lady in ethnic garb eating potato pancakes! Yes, it's such an unusual "down-homey" sculpture that it's sure to make you smile, and perhaps you can even slide in next to "the pres", as I did, for a "photo op", if you'd like!

Then walk around to his backside and take about 155 steps at about 355 degrees, slightly less than twice that many steps at about 55 degrees, and finally, from the left side of the bench, just a few steps at 340 to the backside of a spruce tree. Just look under the stone under the tree for a little treat, near where we stopped to eat a bagful of chocolate-covered, plum-filled pierniki that we had just bought not too very far away!;-)

663. Wanda's Wanda-rings: PA Trails A short stroll in the Delaware State Forest of eastern PA to represent the many hundreds of miles I backpacked on long-distance trails throughout the Keystone State

Once again I had a difficult time deciding which trail to use for planting this box with its cool stamp carved by lightnin' bug of PA actually depicting in small format a great many of those I backpacked years ago, from the Loyalsock to the Laurel Highlands. I ended up opting for a spot on one of the loop systems in eastern PA called the Thunder Swamp Trail, with over 50 miles-worth of various types of trails in this easily accessible but largely unboxed area. (also remembering a rather sexist comment once made about me in Backpacker magazine when some male writer implied that I was "complaining" about the spiders on this particular trail when I was actually reveling in having them and the trails all to myself - just another example of how so many things I write or say seem to get misunderstood or twisted, but that's a whole other story…)

Anyway, to find this box, take route 402 about 13 miles south from exit 30 off I-84, or about 10 miles north from its junction with business 209 near Marshalls Creek to a southwest turn onto Snow Hill Road. Just over 2 miles down this side road find a sizable parking lot on the north side of the road. Just a few steps further west down the road from the parking is a diagonal crossing of the orange-blazed Thunder Swamp Trail. Walk north on it about 200 steps to a point just past two trees that are larger than most. Then go left off trail about 14 steps to the west side of a triple-layer rock group with a tilted middle layer. When facing the trail from the west side of this formation, look under the lower right corner of the tilted layer behind a trap door and under a few flat stones, and please replace the box carefully as found.

(More extensive info on my backpacking background can be found at Wanda's Wanda-rings)

664. DE-lighted in DE A "traveling' light" rock stamp on a delightful stroll through historic Dover, DE

N.B. As most letterboxers probably know by now, after planting well over 500 regular boxes, we got tired of leaving plastic containers out in the natural environment, so for the past few years we sometimes now just leave in our wake small rocks with stamps glued underneath that we call "travelin' lights" rather than boxes.

On a recent arts and history trip through the MidAtlantic, we realized we hadn't planted a token Delaware stamp yet, so we decided to leave this little memento a block or so away from the pub where Delaware became the first state to sign the Constitution in 1787. At the junction of North and State Street is a mini park with a "Giant Quill on a Cube" marking that historic occasion. Wiggle your way from the first state to sign the Constitution to the 13th state to do so. There, just left of the beginning of the name of our state is a silver metal box within the planter. It has a tuck space to its right just under the granite wall. Look there for one little stone with DE on back.


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