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Thomas Minor (1608 Chew Magna, Somerset County, England - 1690 Stonington, CT, USA) emigrated about 1629-30 to New England where he has become the progenitor of many descendants. Many of those surnamed Minor or Miner living in the United States are descendants of this Thomas of Chew Magna, Somerset, England. The surname possibly arose from lead mining in the nearby Mendip Hills.

The first six generations of Thomas's descendants are listed within this site's pages. Clicking on the index entries provided below allows you to view these descendants down through the US federal census of 1850 at which time the census began listing of all the members of a household.

The primary reference for this Minor/Miner family ancestry, in addition to the original town, church and cemetery records, is Thomas Minor, Descendants, 1608 - 19812 published in 1981 by John Augustus Miner (1919-2004). It was reprinted in 2001.

The Miner and Minor families have forums at Genealogy.com.

The Miner and Minor families have message boards at Ancestry's Rootsweb.

The Thomas Minor Society (TMS) has a website which contains an alternate list of Thomas Minor's descendants.

Stonington Founders Monument, Minor side
Stonington Founders Monument

There are other Miner/Minor families in the United States which do not appear to be related to Thomas of Chew Magna. Patriarchs of these families include:

There are also families of unproven/unknown origin that appear in census listings and town records.

Thomas Minor of Chew Magna and Stonington

Index to Descendants Source Materials

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Family Tree DNA is offering such testing. A y-DNA study to connect males of the Miner surname and its variants was initiated in March 2005. Results.
Ancestry also has web pages for DNA testing.

Selected Descendants

  1. Thomas Miner (1608-1690)
  2. Clement Miner (1638-1700)
  3. Joseph Miner (1666-1752)
  4. Joseph Miner Jr. (1690-1781)
  5. Jesse Miner (1716-1763)
  6. Turner Miner (1738-1802)
  7. Turner Miner (1764-1840)
  8. Jared Spencer Miner (1789-1827)
  9. Jared S Miner (1823?-1877)
  10. Joseph Ebenezer Miner (1852-1926)
  1. Thomas Miner (1608-1690)
  2. Ephraim Miner (1642-1724)
  3. Ephraim Miner (1668-1740)
  4. Rufus Miner (1703-1760)
  5. Thankful Miner (1743-1786)
  6. Mercy A Rose (1771-1848)
  7. Martha Taylor Adams (1804-1860)
  8. Sarah Sherman Rathbun (1832-1892)
  9. Joseph Ebenezer Miner (1852-1926)

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