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with the surname MINER or MINOR

Thomas Miner (1608 - 1690) emigrated about 1629 to New England where he has become the progenitor of many descendants. The heads of households of the descendants living in New England as of Aug 4, 1800 are listed below. Persons thought to be members of the Maynard family but using the Miner surname are also listed.

1800 Census Count Reference Chart, by column left to right:
Free White Males:
1) under 10
2) 10 thru 15
3) 16 thru 25
4) 26 thru 44
5) 45 and over
Free White Females:
6) under 10
7) 10 thru 15
8) 16 thru 25
9) 26 thru 44
10) 45 and over

11) All other free persons except Indians
12) Slaves


Western Connecticut

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
188 Abigail Minor00100-00101-00p237 Woodbury
233 Adam Minor00001-00001-00p241 Woodbury
530 Adoniram Minor21010-20010-00p241 Woodbury
217 Anna Minor01101-01001-00p240 Woodbury
488? Andrew Minor10101-10110-00p111 New Milford
616 Asa Minor00100-11100-00p241 Woodbury
477 Benjamin Minor01010-10010-00p237 Woodbury
646 Caleb Minor31010-11010-00p143 Plymouth
464? Curtis Minor01100-22010-00p241 Woodbury
500 Daniel Minor00100-10100-10p152 Roxbury
293iii Darius Minor10100-00100-00p57 Colebrook
204 David Minor31010-00111-20p242 Woodbury
446 Edward Minor10010-30010-00p153 Roxbury
195? Elisha Minor01010-00011-00p237 Woodbury
618? Ephraim Minor01010-00100-00p241 Woodbury
191 Eunice Minor00100-00201-00p155 Roxbury
179 Gilbert Minor00001-00001-00p237 Woodbury
Unk Henry Minor10100-00100-00p20 Greenwich
168 Israel Minor10101-01211-00p152 Roxbury
448? Israel Minor Jun.10010-00110-00p152 Roxbury
Unk James Minor00100-00100-00p16 Greenwich
245 Jedediah Miner00101-00011-00p488 Wolcott
552 Jehu Minor10010-20100-10p219 Watertown
596 Jesse Minor00100-10100-00p241 Woodbury
693 Joel Minor11001-10101-00p606 Hartland
Wchr John Minor00101-11101-00p229 Winchester
Unk John M Minor10001-00011-00p16 Greenwich
205 Jonas Minor00010-11010-00p39 Bethlehem
203 Joseph Minor20010-00010-20p243 Woodbury
643. Joseph Miner21110-21010-00p485 Wolcott
650? Joshua Minor30010-20010-10p162 Salisbury
177 Josiah Minor01101-10001-00p237 Woodbury
501 Justus Minor00010-20010-00p237 Woodbury
232 Matthew Minor11101-11210-20p243 Woodbury
533 Noah Minor20010-10010-00p137 Norfolk
189 Peace Minor01201-01101-00p149 Roxbury
460 Preston Minor20010-12100-00p241 Woodbury
Wchr Reuben Minor00001-00011-00p229 Winchester
234 Samuel Minor00101-00101-00p241 Woodbury
445 Seth Minor20010-00010-00p152 Roxbury
210 Seth Minor10101-00201-20p243 Woodbury
531 Seth Minor Jun10110-00110-00p243 Woodbury
186 Simeon Minor02001-10102-00p240 Woodbury
230 Solomon Minor02001-10210-00p241 Woodbury
197 Thaddeus Minor02001-01001-00p237 Woodbury
185 Thomas Minor00401-00112-00p472 Middletown
293 Thomas Minor11011-00201-00p56 Colebrook
499 Truman Minor21010-00010-00p109 New Milford

Maynard/Mynar/Minard Family in Montville, CT area:

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
Abraham Miner10010-10010-00p649 Montville
My16c Abiatha Miner21010-30010-00p760 Colchester
My16 Abiatha Miner00001-00101-00p648 Montville
Amasa Miner10100-00010-10p651 Montville
Ananias Miner00001-00011-00p650 Montville
My22c Daniel Miner21001-11001-10p768 Bozrah
My22 David Miner00001-01001-00p768 Bozrah
My15 George Miner00001-00001-00p650 Montville
Gurdon Miner10100-00100-00p648 Montville
Henry Miner20010-20010-00p650 Montville
My22gc Jesse Miner10100-10100-00p768 Bozrah
My30 Jonathan Miner00101-00001-10p649 Montville
Lebbus? Miner00010-11010-00p646 Montville
Lamira Miner02000-10011-00p647 Montville
My17 Richard Miner00001-00001-00p653 Montville
My30gc Sanford Minard00100-10100-00p588 Lyme
Valentine Miner20010-10011-00p590 Lyme
My15c Zebadiah Miner10001-20010-00p650 Montville


Nbr Head of Household Count Location
432. Christopher Miner20011-20111p188 Partridgeville
259? Christopher Miner10001-01001p171 Granville
699? Clement Miner---p1202 Northfield
435 Ephraim Miner11101-01101p166 Windsor
xxx Ezra Miner02102-10002p334 Charlton
xxx Francis Minor01200-00010p172 Newburyport
815 Joshua Miner10100-00100p188 Partridgeville
320vi? Rufus Miner--- Chester
629 Rufus Minor21010-31001p116 Alford
1001 Samuel Miner00110-01001p164 Windsor
Unk Samuel Minor00001-00001p200 Grafton
xcx Samuel Miner ---Wilbraham
541. Treat Miner20010-10100p188 Partridgeville

New Hampshire

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
831. Avery D Miner10100-00100p414 Lyman
658. Charles Minor12010-31010p192 Le(a)mpster
251. Eben'r Minor00001-00001p192 Le(a)mpster
705m Eliphalet Miner21010-22010p427 Stewartstown
660. Ezera Minor00010-50010p192 Le(a)mpster
826. Isaac Miner11010-31010p413 Litteton
356. Thomas Miner10202-01101p381 Canaan
829. Thomas Miner10010-10010 p413 Litteton
316. Timothy Minor00010-20010p192 Le(a)mpster
824. William Miner13011-20112p414 Lyman


Nbr Head of Household Count Location
547. Aaron Minor11110-00110p349 Waitsfield
xxx Abet Minor20010-20010p10 Vergennes
562m Abner Miner20010-21010p272 Peacham
872. Adam Minor10010-00010p535 Halifax
634. Anderson Minor11001-00001p360 Norwich
392. Benj(amin) Miner01301-00001p68 Bridport
913. Benj(amin) Minor10010-20010p68 Bridport
676. Christopher Miner11110-20010p138 Orwell
xxx Ephraim Minor20010-11010p535 Halifax
xxx Ephraim Minor13101-31011 p419 Hartland
xxx Eunice Minorw/ Artemesis
p419 Hartland
468. Gideon Miner Jr20010-20100p116 Middletown
Unk Ichabod Miner10010-21001p264 Wells
548 James Miner01110-11110p272 Peacham
854 James Minor11110-21010p512 Guilford
467. Joel Miner00111-00101p116 Middletown
xxx John Miner21010-21010p211 Rutland
xxx John Minor20010-20010p353 Williston
xxx Joseph Minor00010-01001p10 Vergennes
447. Josiah Minor00010-00100 p190 Sandgate
470. Lamson Miner00100-?00000p41 Clarendon
466m Lewis Miner11010-11010p116 Middletown
904? Luke Minor30010-10010p600 Tunbridge
Minard Nathaniel Minor10201-12101p345 Fayston
869. Perez Minor20010-10010p535 Halifax
xxx Peter Minor00100-30100p449 Georgia
218 Reuben Miner00101-00201p272 Peacham
568 Reuben Miner Jr20010-01010p272 Peacham
630. Richard Minor30010-32110p29 Cornwall
702. Roswell Miner31201-12010p313 Shelburne
911 Row Miner00100-10100p60 Addison
xxx Samuel Miner 00010-00210p272 Peacham
915. William [Bott] Minor00010-10210p62 Bridport

Eastern Connecticut

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
347 Alpheus Miner01101-11010-00p677 Stonington
255 Anie Miner01000-00111-00p595 Lyme
941 Amos Miner21001-12010-00p573 Lyme
255 Anna Miner01000-00201-00p598 Lyme
871 Asher Miner10100-20110-00p679 Stonington
374 Charles Miner01101-00101-10p679 Stonington
906 Cheesebrough Miner00010-00010-00p673 Stonington
376 Christopher Miner02211-00101-00p679 Stonington
668 Daniel Miner01100-20100-00p598 Lyme
xxx Daniel Miner?11010-10010-00p595 Lyme
378 Daniel Miner01001-01001-00p680 Stonington
678. David Miner31010-10020-00p757 Colchester
401 David Miner10101-10231-00p665 Stonington
942 David Miner42010-10010-00p552 Groton
342 Desire Miner00020-10101-00p677 Stonington
659 Ebenezer Miner20010-10010-00p580 Lyme
926? Elias Miner00010-10010-00p565 Groton
890 Elias Miner00010-00010-00p679 Stonington
307 Elihu Minor01001-00001-00p395 East Haddam
819? Elisha Miner20010-20010-00p692 Preston
712 Elisha Miner10010-42010-00p585 Lyme
xxx Esther Miner00000-00201-00p679 Stonington
283? Esther Miner00000-00001-00p582 Lyme
640? Ezra Miner20010-21011-10p580 Lyme
660? Ezra Miner41100-10100-00p585 Lyme
820 Frederick Miner10110-10010-10p638 New London
xxx Gideon Miner20010-00100-00p583 Lyme
309. Hannah Miner11100-20010-00p627 New London
388 Hempsted Miner10011-10011-00p660 Stonington
2124 Holman Miner00100-10100-00p659 New London
258 Hugh Miner00001-00101-00p607 New London
673 Hugh Miner Junr30100-10100-00p627 New London
889 Isaac Miner11010-10010-00p678 Stonington
937? James Miner20110-11010-00p720 Norwich
371 James Miner10101-00201-10p681 Stonington
854. James Miner 2nd01010-11020-01p679 Stonington
1327 Jesse Miner14310-10110p337 East Hartford
637? John Miner10010-50100-00p588 Lyme
818 John O Mines11110-32111-10p555 Groton
929 Jonathan Miner10100-00011-00p555 Groton
654 Jonathan Miner11001-20101-00p584 Lyme
xxx Jordan Miner10100-00100-00p609 New London
786 Joseph Miner20010-10010-00p641 New London
717 Joseph Miner20001-10011-00p582 Lyme
423 Manasseh Miner22210-00210-00p665 Stonington
xxx Martha Miner10010-00001-00p610 New London
675? Nathan Miner10001-01001-00p626 New London
xxx Nathan Miner20010-10010-00p682 Stonington
935 Nathan Miner11010-10010-00p681 Stonington
387 Nathaniel Miner00001-00101-00p667 Stonington
xxx Rebekah Miner10000-10010-00p606 New London
910 Rememberance Miner10000-10011-00p667 Stonington
931 Richardson Miner10110-01311-00p659 New London
934 Robert Miner11110-10011-00p681 Stonington
323 Rufus Miner11001-00101-00p563 Groton
631? Sally Miner11101-11001-00p578 Lyme
399 Samuel Miner01001-01301-00p653 New London
636? Seth Miner10010-40010-00p578 Lyme
263 Seth Miner00211-00011-00p728 New London
719 Stephen Miner31010-23010-00p588 Lyme
109vi Stephen Miner20010-20010-00p636 New London
Unk Stephen Miner00001-01001-00p698 Windham
375 Thomas Miner20101-20310-00p679 Stonington
421? Thomas Miner00211-00203-00p664 Stonington
1324 Turner Minor32010-20010-00p411 East Haddam
620 Turner Miner00001-00001-00p625 New London
422? William Miner01011-10201-00p664 Stonington
256? William Miner21010-11011-00p585 Lyme
436 William Miner31010-23010-00p594 Lyme

Rhode Island

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
Unk George Miner11101-10010p716 Charlestown

New York

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
261. Absolum Minor00201-01101p814 Brookfield
682 Absolum Minor Jr10010-10100p814 Brookfield
489. Adeniger Miner30010-20010p353 Coxsackie
443. Amos Minor00110-10010p158 Marcellus
503 Asel Minor11100-10100p186 Homer
xxx Christian Minorxxxp1248 Sharon
xxx Clement Minor 00010-10200p32 New York City
xxx Daniel Minor000xx-10102p182 Homer
703 David Miner11201-02001p495 Warren
xxx Dyer Miner30010-10010p522 Washington
xxx Elisha Minor20010-20110p182 Homer
476m Elnathan Minor01010-42100p237 Livingston
xxx Frederick Minor00001-12000p496 Seneca
xxx George Minor02001-11101p153 New York City
388iii Hemsted Minor11010-10010p69 Bern
xxx Hemus MinorxxxBristol
xxx Howard Minor00010-20110p448 Herkimer
184. Isaac Miner00011-00001p353 Coxsackie
184ii. Isaac Miner Jr10110-10110p358 Coxsackie
626. Isaac Minor20201-21110p752 Jericho
xxx James Miner 21001-01201p233 Kingston
221 Jehu Miner00101-00101p175 Dutchess Cty
xxx Joel Miner20010-20010p233 Kingston
xxx John Minor10010-10100p864 Hamilton
xxx John Minor20010-10010p150 New York City
437? John Minor00010-31110p368 Charleston
xxx John Minor00010-20010p248 Tioga
xxx John Minorxxxp613 Yonkers
xxx John M Minor01110-10010p384 Genesco
184-vi Joseph B Miner01001-00002p351 Coxsackie
438 Justus Minor10210-22110p370 Charleston
833m Lodowick Miner00010-00000p192 Floyd
632 Martin Minor01020-30210p390 Bloomfield
xxx Nathan W MinerxxxClarkstown
xxx Samuel Miner10100-00010p931 Rensselaer
xxx Samuel Minor30110-20010p151 New York City
xxx Sarah10000-01010p176 Dutchess Cty
449m Shove Minor10001-00010p322 Jay
109v. Silvester Minor20010-10010p37 Burlington
184-v Walter Miner01001-00002p353 Coxsackie
908 William Minor10010-01010p293 Crown Point

Pennsylvania, Greene and Fayette Counties

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
740 Isaac Minor10110-00200p47 Greene
299 John Minor41401-31300p41 Greene
739. Obadiah Minor30010-10010p41 Greene
726 Phillip Minor00010-00000p599 Springhill
295? Stephen Minor01001-00111p45 Greene
725 Theophilus Minor22010-30010p29 Dunkard
294 William Minor00211-00101p41 Greene


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