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with the surname MINER or MINOR

Thomas Miner (1608 - 1690) emigrated about 1629 to New England where he has become the progenitor of many descendants. The heads of households of the descendants living in New England as of Aug 6, 1800 are listed below. Persons thought to be members of the Maynard family but using the Miner surname are also listed.

1810 Census Count Reference Chart, by column left to right:
Free White Males:
1) under 10
2) 10 thru 15
3) 16 thru 25
4) 26 thru 44
5) 45 and over
Free White Females:
6) under 10
7) 10 thru 15
8) 16 thru 25
9) 26 thru 44
10) 45 and over

11) All other free persons except Indians
12) Slaves

CONNECTICUT index has 104 Miner entries

Western Connecticut

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
233? Adam Miner01101-00101p121 Woodbury
530 Adonisam Miner01001-02010p127 Woodbury
488? Andrew Miner01101-00101p140 New Milford
619 Anthony Miner21010-01010p121 Woodbury
1421 Archibald Minor10100-00100p675 Wolcott
616 Asa Miner01010-11010p123 Woodbury
477 Benjamin Miner00101-01112p131 Woodbury
xxx Christopher Minor11001-00001p696 Hartland
464 Curtiss Miner11010-00100p121 Woodbury
293iii Darius Miner21110-20010p175 Norfolk
204 David Miner41001-02110p130 Woodbury
557 E(astman) Miner10010-10210p507 Milford
195 Elisha Miner01001-10011p131 Woodbury
618 Eph'in Miner30010-01010p121 Woodbury
xxx? Esther Miner00000-01110p130 Woodbury
1428? Isaac Miner00100-10100p675 Wolcott
168 Israel Miner01001-00101p132 Roxbury
277i Jeremiah Minor10010-10010p330 Killingworth
596 Jesse Miner00110-12010p123 Woodbury
1576 Joel Minor20110-11010p703 Hartland
205 Jonas Minor00001-10210p101 Bethlehem
203 Joseph Miner22001-00010p127 Woodbury
643 Joseph Minor01101-02001p675 Wolcott
xxx Joshua Miner22110-40010p198 Salisbury
650? Joshua Miner30010-00010p665 Southington
1155 Judson Miner00100-00100p127 Woodbury
501 Justus Miner01101-01111p131 Woodbury
232 Matthew Miner01001-31011p127 Woodbury
605 Matthew Miner20020-20010-1p128 Woodbury
533 Noah Miner02010-00110p175 Norfolk
189 Pease Miner01101-00101p138 Roxbury
532? Pheben Minor00010-30010p076 Goshen
234 Samuel Miner01001-00001p121 Woodbury
293c? Saml Minor10010-10110p173 Canaan
1371 Selden Miner20310-10110p400 Wethersfield
445 Seth Miner01201-10010p132 Roxbury
210 Seth Miner00001-00001p127 Woodbury
531 Seth Miner Jr01101-10001p127 Woodbury
506 Silas Miner10010-00111p137 Roxbury
230 Solomon Miner10201-01001p123 Woodbury
197 Thadeus Miner00001-00001p125 Woodbury
185 Thomas Miner00001-00001p232 Durham
293 Tho's Miner10011-20010p177 Colebrook
293ii Thomas Miner11010-20010p175 Norfolk
499 Trueman Miner10101-11201p140 New Milford
1578 Uzel Miner10100-00010p431 East Hartford
537 Wait Miner20010-20010p123 Woodbury
494 William Miner00010-30011p122 Woodbury

Related but Unconnected:

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
head John Minor00001-00111p189 Winchester
son John S. Miner20010-00010p342 Killingworth
son Phineas Minor10010-00010p189 Winchester
bro Reuben Minor01011-00011p189 Winchester
son William Minor00010-00100p189 Winchester

Maynard/Mynar/Minard Family in Montville, CT area:

Head of Household Count Location
Abr'm Miner01201-22101p142 Colchester
Amasa Miner11010-20110p162 Montville
Daniel Minard 10201-01002p224 Bozrah
David Miner10100-00101p149 Montville
Eb[enezer] P Miner 20010-10010p53 Groton
David Minor11301-21101p296 Hebron
George Minard 13210-31110p154 Montville
Henry Miner21110-30110p152 Montville
Jonathan Miner 00101-31011p152 Montville
Lemira Miner00200-00101p153 Montville
Lem' Minard01101-00221p151 Montville
Lib'. Minard01001-00010p151 Montville
Oliver Miner30010-20010p152 Montville
Peter S Minard10210-11010p546 Ashford
Sanford Maynard00010-42010p67 Lyme
widow Miner00000-00002p158 Montville
Zeb. Minard20001-20001p151 Montville


Nbr Head of Household Count Location
Amos Miner00101-00001p90 Monson
891 C.(Cyrus) Minor31010-30110p223 Leyden
646 Caleb Minor10010-22110p126 Sheffield
1574 Christopher Miner21010-10010p124 Alford
432 Christopher Miner01001-00002p145 Clarksburg
699? Clement Miner00001-00101p243 Northfield
320vi Elizabeth Miner11000-11100p301 Chester
435 Ephraim Miner01010-00001p145 Clarksburg
699 Hepsebah Miner12300-40010 p243 Northfield
xxx Isaac Minor01201-21001p198 Hinsdale
xxx Isaac Minor02010-20111p143 Lanesborough
1009 Jonathan Miner20010-00100p145 Clarksburg
1011 Lemon Miner00100-10100p145 Clarksburg
1008 Nath'n Miner21110-22010p192 Peru
931 R. Minor00201-00202p206 Colrain
629 Rufus Minor02101-02011p124 Alford
1001 Samuel Miner21010-21010p145 Clarksburg
xcx Samuel Minor01101-00001p13 Wilbraham

New Hampshire

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
831 Avery D Minor30010-10010p38 Lyman
658 Charles Miner21102-11103p128 Lem(p)ster
848 Elijah Miner20010-10010p221 Canaan
850 Elisha Minor00010-00010p220 Canaan
660 Ezra Miner10010-33101p128 Lem(p)ster
1444 Ezra Miner Jr00100-00100p128 Lem(p)ster
826 Isaac Minor20201-23001p41 Littleton
xxx James Minor10010-30010p240 Sutton
829 Thomas Minor01020-01010p24 Percy
356 Thomas Minor00101-00001p220 Canaan
316 Timothy Miner00101-21210p128 Lem(p)ster
824 William Minor01301-01112 p36 Lyman


Nbr Head of Household Count Location
547 Aaron Miner00201-00201p350 Waitsfield
562 Abnah Minor01111-11201p293 Peacham
570 Abrm Minor00210-10100 p278 Danville
634 Anderson Minor11001-00001p353 Norwich
855 Andrew Miner20010-12010p159 Brattleboro
1208m Ashbel Miner01010-10100p350 Waitsfield
392 Benj(ami)n Miner01201-00001p37 Bridport
913 Benj(ami)n Miner Jr21010-01110p37 Bridport
1386 Calvin Minor20010-22110p347 Hartford
676 Christopher Miner00210-02001p120 Orwell
xxx Ephraim Miner00201-02110p399 Hartland
468 Grion(Gideon) Miner22010-31210p15 Middletown
Minard Israel Miner00010-10100p346 Fayston
xxx Jam(e)s Miner10660-10110p364 Milton
548 James Minor10101-11001p278 Danville
854 James Minor21001-11101p188 Guilford
467 Joel Miner 32120-10111p16 Middletown
637? John Miner30210-12010p807 Glover
917? Joseph Miner00010-00100p17 Bridport
893 Luke Minor20100-10100p188 Guilford
xxx Mane Miner20021-00110p195 Halifax
xxx Nathan Miner40110-00010p514 St. Albans
869 Peris Miner20104-10100p195 Halifax
xxx Peter Minor30010-23010p532 Georgia
218 Reuben Minor 00001-00001 p295 Peacham
568 Reuben Minor Jr12210-40010 p295 Peacham
630 Richard Miner11001-11101p51 Cornwall
2124 Samuel H Miner40110-00010p195 Halifax
xxx Squire Minor20020-00110p560 Fairfield
572 Truman Minor00100-20100p295 Peacham
908 William Miner41010-01010p17 Bridport
915 Wm B[ott] Miner20010-11210p17 Bridport
xxx Wm F Miner10010-10100p28 Addison
702. Zebeah Miner01010-00101p390 Shelburne


Nbr Head of Household Count Location
xxx William Miner00010-10100Greene Plantation

and 13 Minor entries

Eastern Connecticut

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
872 Adam Miner21010-30011p255 Stonington
347 Alpheas Miner03002-01020-1p279 N. Stonington
941 Amos Miner00001-01001p090 Lyme
969 Amos Miner11101-00200 p253 Stonington
953 Asa Miner10001-30011 p253 Stonington
871 Asher Miner21010-02010p255 Stonington
xxx Betty Miner00000-00001p172 Waterford
866 Charles Miner20110-24010-1p255 Stonington
906 Chees' Miner00010-00010p125 Colchester
378 Daniel Miner00111-00101p276 N. Stonington
837 Daniel Minerwith Saxtonp279 N. Stonington
668 Dan'l Miner20010-02010p96 Lyme
678. David Miner22210-01010p128 Colchester
859 Denison Miner10011-20121p276 N. Stonington
659 Eb'r Miner21001-10010p108 Lyme
xxx Eleaser Miner?00020-00000p129 Colchester
926 Elias Miner20010-21010p039 Groton
890 Elias Minerwith Isaacp256 Stonington
307 Elihu Miner00001-10002p317 East Haddam
712 Elisha Miner11001-02201p103 Lyme
972? Eph' Miner10100-01000p036 Groton
283 Esther Miner00000-10102p102 Lyme
xxx Esther Miner10000-10110p256 Stonington
640? Ezra Miner22010-11010p118 Lyme
820 Fred' Miner21210-01110p010 New London
309? Hannah Miner00200-01002p103 Lyme
388iii Hempstead Miner00001-10011p254 Stonington
889 Isaac & Elias Miner61020-31020p256 Stonington
937? James Miner10001-01111-01p256 Stonington
854 James and Denison Miner10011-20121p276 N. Stonington
xxx Jere' Miner01101-00010p015 New London
1327 Jesse Miner11010-00011 p182Vernon
949. Jesse Miner11001-20042 p253 Stonington
866 John Minerwith Charlesp255 Stonington
818 Jn O. Miner02201-41211-1p044 Groton
929 Jona' Miner21010-20010p037 Groton
xx? Jordan Miner30010-10010p168 Waterford
961 Joseph Miner10010-00100p252 Stonington
423 Manassah Miner12111-20110p252 Stonington
xxx Martha Miner11000-00011p168 Waterford
934 Marcy Miner10200-01011p276 N. Stonington
716 Naomi Miner00000-10001p168 Waterford
935? Nathan Miner00110-11010p36 Groton
387 Nath'el Miner00001-00201p264 Stonington Boro
786 Olive Miner10000-00010p005 New London
910 Rememberance Miner01000-01010p262 Stonington
873 Roswell Miner30010-11010p279 N. Stonington
323 Rufus Miner00111-00011p040 Groton
277ii Samuel Miner21010-20010p096 Lyme
631 Sarah Miner00000-00102p092 Lyme
840 Saxton Miner51120-22111p279 N. Stonington
636 Seth Miner10001-10101p094 Lyme
263 Seth Miner00002-01010p205 Norwich
719 Stephen Miner21201-01301p118 Lyme
xxx T. Miner10011-00101p279 N. Stonington
+ Marsha & Lewis
421 Thomas Miner00101-00011p253 Stonington
375 Thomas Miner11101-12010p256 Stonington
490 Th(omas) Miner00010-01010p095 Lyme
1324 Turner Miner12301-20101p311 East Haddam
256 William Miner01001-01201p113 Lyme
422 William Miner00101-11121 p253 Stonington

New York

Nbr Head of Household Count Location
261 A(bsalom) Miner00011-00001p155 Brookfield
682 A(bsalom) Miner Jr 41010-11110p155 Brookfield
xxx Abraham Miner00011-00011p28 Cato
xxx Abraham Miner11120-12101p192 Cortland
489. Adonijah Minor11211-42010p199 Roxbury
xxx Albert Miner 22301-20000p240 Mt Pleasant
1002 Allen Minor30010-11010p72 Genoa
443 Amos Minor22510-21210p27 Marcellus
628 Amos Minor02201-00001p107 Broome
779. Asa Minor30020-20011P236 Milton
xxx Avon Minor00010-00100p72 Genoa
xxx Benajah Miner20010-00010p265 Kortright
1370e Benj(amin) Minor10520-20200p85 Rennselaerville
xxx Avon Minor00010-00100p72 Genoa
706? Clement Minor43101-01010p38 Onondaga Co.
558. Clemon Minor30010-10010p169 Coventry
xxx Daniel Miner43010-10110 p240 Mt Pleasant
703 David Miner01101-00001 p231 German Flats
xxx David Miner Jr10010-00100 p252 Warren
782 David Minor30010-20100p249 Greenfield
xxx Darius Miner21201-12010 p129 Fayette
780 Derius Minor10010-20010p235 Milton
xxx E. Miner00010-30100 p28 Lenox
476i Enos Miner00200-21100 p92 Jefferson
363? Ephraim Minor21001-00201p152 Preston
xxx Ephraim Minor00010-01100 p152 Preston
xxx Epraim Miner00110-00110p26 Albany
xxx Haml(Sam'l) Miner02101-21001p418 NYC
717 Hannah Minor10000-10010p16 Onondaga Co.
388iii Hempsted Miner21110-21110p86 Bern
xxx Henry Miner21010-00010p222 Bedford
xxx I. [or L] Miner21010-21010p155 Brookfield
Unk Ichabod Minor21010-22010p27 Onondaga Co.
626 Isaac Miner00201-02001p238 Franklin
xxx Israel Minor10110-00020p182 Windham
xxx J. Minor20010-00100p31 Oneida Co.
xxx J. Minor30010-10010p76 Oneida Co.
xxx J. Miner32010-01010p115 Otsego
xxx Jacob Miner20010-11010p137 Romulus
xxx James Miner00001-00101p31 Hudson
xxx James Miner01001-00001p191 Cortlandt
xxx James Miner20010-10010p241 Mt Pleasant
xxx James Minor11110-21010p257 Greenfield
xxx James Minor01201-00201p135 Kingston.
552 Seher (Jehu) Minor22010-20010p171 Coventry
xxx Jeptha Minor20010-10010 p244 Seneca
xxx John Miner20201-10001p20 Locke
xxx John Miner20010-01110p136 Hudson
xxx John Minor21010-20010p241 Mt Pleasant
637? Jno (John) Minor22101-31101p137 Bloomfield
xxx Jonathan Minor00301-10001p214 Colchester
xxx Jonathan Miner10010-00010p219 Ballston
xxx Jos(eph) Minor00001-00001p243 Seneca
xxx Joseph Minor11001-10001p41 Plattsburgh
xxx Joshua Miner20110-12310p102 Guilderland
539 Judson Minor11001-31001p144 Cairo
904 Luke Minor22001-01001p23 Onondaga Co.
xxx M. Miner20210-21010p35 Oneida Co.
632 Martin Minor00001-02201p132 Bloomfield
xxx Nath Miner10010-30010p150 Hudson
1605 Oliver MinerunreadableP251 Warren
892? P. [or J] Miner00010-20100p155 Brookfield
xxx Phillip Minor30010-10101p169 Coventry
911 Roe Miner30010-11010p9 Madrid
xxx Rosell Miner20010-00010p112 Lewis Co.
xxx Russell Miner01010-01010p137 Dutchess Co.
683 S. Miner00010-10110p155 Brookfield
781 S.S. Minor20010-10010p84 New Lisbon
xxx Sam'l Minor10100-00100p51 Champion
1001 Samuel Minor21010-20010p289 Edinburgh
xxx Samuel Miner11001-11000p45 Aurelius
xxx Samuel Miner11010-30010p112 Lewis Co.
xxx Sarah Miner00010-00001p136 Dutchess Co.
449? Shove Minor00010-00010p182 Windham
109v Sylvester Minor01101-00101p150 Preston
xxx Tim(othy) Minor00010-00010p241 Seneca
xxx Timothy Miner40010-11010?p100 Blenheim
xxx W. Minor20210-21010p35 Oneida Co.
822 William Miner20310-20010p74 Genoa
xxx William Miner11210-20100p266 Kortright
672?? William Miner00010-10100p240 Mt Pleasant


Nbr Head of Household Count Location
xxx A Minor22001-11001Greenwood Twp
691 Asher Miner21210-30110New Britain Twp
692 Charles Miner00010-41110Wilkes-Barre Twp
xxx Christopher Miner10010-00100Kingston Twp
Minerd Frederic Minor30010-30010Bullskin Twp
740 Isaac Minor31010-12010Union Twp
Minerd Jacob Minor00101-10101Saltlick Twp
299 John Miner00001-10001Lower Smithfield
Minerd John Minor01110-00010Bullskin Twp
297? Samuel Minor01101-00111Union Twp
295? Stephen Minor00001-00011Union Twp
xxx Thos. Miner22001-31110Dublin Twp
723 Wm. Miner00100-10100W Northern Liberties
xxx William Minor10210-00100Waynesburg
xxx William Minor00101-00001Montgomery Twp


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