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with the surname MINER or MINOR

400 Miner entries and 250 Minor entries indexed

Thomas Miner (1608 - 1690) emigrated about 1629 to New England where he has become the progenitor of many descendants. The heads of households of the descendants living in New England are listed below. Persons thought to be members of the Maynard family but using the Miner surname are also listed.

1830 Census Count Reference Chart, by column left to right:
Free White Males:
1) Under 5 years of age
2) Of 5 and under 10
3) Of 10 and under 15
4) Of 15 and under 20
5) Of 20 and under 30
6) Of 30 and under 40
7) Of 40 and under 50
8) Of 50 and under 60
9) Of 60 and under 70
10) Of 70 and under 80
11) Of 80 and under 90
12) Of 90 and under 100
13) Of 100 and upwards
Free White Females:
14) Under 5 years of age
15) Of 5 and under 10
16) Of 10 and under 15
17) Of 15 and under 20
18) Of 20 and under 30
19) Of 30 and under 40
20) Of 40 and under 50
21) Of 50 and under 60
22) Of 60 and under 70
23) Of 70 and under 80
24) Of 80 and under 90
25) Of 90 and under 100
26) Of 100 and upwards
Under 10 years of age
Of 10 and under 24
Of 24 and under 36
Of 36 and under 55
Of 55 and under 100
Of 100 and upwards

CONNECTICUT index has 104 Miner entries

Western Connecticut

Nbr Head of Household Count Film Page - Location
1156 Alijah Miner1000001000000-0001010000000r11 p322 New Milford
619 Anthony Miner0010010110000-0100000100000r11 p413 Woodbury
1421 Archibald Miner0000101000000-0001001000000r9 p355 Wolcott
616 Asa Miner0010100100000-0000001000000r11 p413 Woodbury
477 Benjamin Miner0000000111000-0000000001000r11 p405 Woodbury
xxx Charles Miner0010101000000-0000001000000r11 p413 Woodbury
901 Darius Minor0200001000000-2021010000000r11 p443 Cornwall
xxx David Miner1001010000000-1000100010000r11 p406 Woodbury
600 David S Miner0000001000000-0000100001000r11 p413 Woodbury
446 Edward Miner0000200010000-0000110010000r11 p361 Roxbury
xxx Elizabeth Miner000000000000-0101000100000r9 p11 New Haven city
195 Elisha Miner0010000001100-0000000100000r11 p405 Woodbury
618 Ephraim Miner0010100100000-0001000100000r11 p413 Woodbury
xxx Eunice Minor0010100000000-0111101000000r9 p21 New Haven city
1085 Gilbert S Miner0010001000000-0100010000000r11 p405 Woodbury
xxx Guy Miner0001010000000-1210010000000r11 p305 New Hartford
Wchr Hannah Miner0000000000000-0000001001000r11 p267 Winchester
1433 Hiram Miner0001100000000-1001000000000r11 p244 Harwinton
2393 Horace Miner0000100000000-2001101000000r11 p413 Woodbury
596 Jesse Miner0011100100000-0000300100000r11 p412 Woodbury
1576 Joel Minor0010200100000-0000200100000r11 p430 Canaan
293iv John Minor0000000100000-0001001000000r11 p429 Canaan
xxx John J Minor0010010100000-1000100100000r9 p288 Middlebury
?c? Joseph Minor1000010000000-2000100000000r9 p297 Orange
643 Joseph Minor0000000001000-0000000001000r9 p355 Wolcott
1422 Joseph Minor Jrbad pager9 p355 Wolcott
650 Joshua Minor0002000100000-0120001000000r9 p356 Wolcott
902 Luther Minor1020001000000-0010011000000r11 p445 Cornwall
1424 Marcus Minor0100010000000-0001010000000r9 p355 Wolcott
1425 Marvin Minor1100010000000-0010010000000r9 p355 Wolcott
232 Matthew Miner0100010001000-0000100010000r11 p411 Woodbury
605 Matthew Miner Jr0210101000000-1010101000000r11 p407 Woodbury
599? Nath'l Miner0110001000000-1101010000000r11 p413 Woodbury
533 Noah Miner2000010010000-0000010100000r11 p485 Norfolk
Wchr Phinehas Miner0000000100000-0001120000000r11 p212 Litchfield
1166 Preston Miner0100010000000-1200100100000r11 p485 Norfolk
xcx Salmon Minor0111010000000-0101110000000r6 p321 Greenwich
511 S. H. Minor
[Simeon Hinman]
0011001100000-0001010000000r6 p276 Stamford
1627 Samuel Miner0101100000000-1000100000000r7 p105 Berlin
464 Sam'l C Miner0000000100000-0001001000100r11 p412 Woodbury
2671 Selden Miner0010300000000-0100001100000r7 p69 Wethersfield
531 Seth Miner0000000010000-1000000010000r11 p405 Woodbury
1044 Sherman Miner0010010000000-1100010000000r11 p364 Roxbury
1629 Solomon Miner1000100000000-0000100000000r7 p104 Berlin
445 Susan Miner0000000000000-0000110010000r11 p364 Roxbury
197 Thadeus Miner0000000000100-0000000000100r11 p407 Woodbury
?2392 Truman Miner0010100000000-1000110000000r11 p413 Woodbury
494? William Miner0001000100000-0010111100000r11 p412 Woodbury
537 Wait Miner0110000100000-0001001000000r11 p405 Woodbury
Wchr = Winchester Branch

Maynard/Mynar/Minard Family in Montville, CT area:

Head of Household Count Film Page - Location
Christopher A Miner1200010000000-1020010001000r10 p279 Salem
Daniel Miner0101010000000-1320010000000r10 p272 Bozrah
George Miner0000000010000-0002100010000r10 p279 Salem
Giles Miner0100020000000-1100100000000r10 p84 Waterford
Thomas Miner1210001001000-2000010001000r10 p267 Bozrah

Rhode Island

Nbr Head of Household Count Film Page - Location
xxx Amos Miner1111001000000-1011101000000r168 p267 Cranston

Massachusetts - 18 Miner + 8 Minor entries

Nbr Head of Household Count Film Page - Location
2026. Cyruss/Agnes Minor0100100000000-0000100000000r62 p101 Leyden
1581 Benjamin F Miner0110010000000-1000010100000r60 p218 Roxbury Parish 1
xxx Christian Minor2100010000000-1000010001000r61 p385 Salem
885i Christopher Miner1200100001000-0000100000000r63 p71 Blandford
xxx Christopher Miner0000100100000-0100200100000r62 p362 Great Barrington
891 Cyrus Minor0121100100100-0011102001000r62 p101 Leyden
1356 Danl Miner0000010000000-0000010000000r62 p347 Alford
xxx Daniel Miner0000010000000-0000010000000r61 p427 Salem
2250 Demmon Miner1100010000000-1100010000000r62 p436 Peru
2129 Gilbert S Minor1010010000000-1211010000000r62 p45 Colrain
1582 Henry C Minor1000110001000-1100200000000r65 p394 Boston Ward 11
2251 Horace Miner1000100000000-0100100000000r64 p412 Worthington
xxx Isaac Miner0020101000000-0101100100000r62 p45 Colrain
xxx Isaac Miner0110011001000-1000100000000r62 p427 Washington
1009 Jonathan Miner0001000100000-0010001001000r62 p305 Windsor
2258 Marshal Miner0100100000000-0001000000000r62 p305 Windsor
1008 Nathan Miner1201110100000-0001101001000r62 p436 Peru
2257 Norman Miner0100100000000-2000100000000r62 p304 Windsor
882e Parsons Miner1100100000000-0000100000000r62 p419 Tyringham
894m Randall Minor0200001000000-3000010000000r62 p101 Leyden
931. Richardson Minor0000000001000-0000001000000r62 p45 Colrain
1001 Samuel Miner0110200100000-0012200100000r62 p304 Windsor
293ii. Th. Miner0002100100000-0000100000000r62 p419 Tyringham adj Parsons
xxx Unil Minor1110010000000-2000010000000r64 p265 Middleborough
436c? William Miner1111001000000-0011010000000r62 p305 Windsor
xxx Wm R Miner0000110/10000-1000100000000r63 p77 Montgomery

New Hampshire - 10 Miner + 5 Minor entries

Nbr Head of Household Count Film Page - Location
852 Amos Miner1030010000000-1100001100000r75 p101 Canaan
1443 Benajah A Miner0101011000000-1010110000000r74 p354 Lempster
xxx Betsey Minor0000000010000-0000000000000r76 p212 Hopkinton
xxx Charles Miner0000010000000-0000000000000r75 p150 Lebanon
658 Charles Miner0010100010000-0001000010000r74 p354 Lempster
1448 Charles Miner Jr0000010000000-0000001000000r74 p354 Lempster
848 Elijah Minor0010001000000-1101111000000r75 p68 Dorchester
850 Elisha Miner1010001000000-1000101000000r75 p101 Canaan
xxx Elisha Miner2010010000000-1000100000000r75 p116 Enfield
1887 E(lisha) P Minor2210010000000-0000010000000r75 p269 Littleton
xxx Ephraim Minor0011000010000-0011010000000r75 p249 Lisbon
660 Ezra Miner0000100010000-0001100010000r74 p354 Lempster
1444 Ezra Miner Jr0010001000000-0011001000000r74 p354 Lempster
1879 Isaac Minor1000101000000-1210110010000r75 p273 Lyman
316 Polly Miner0000000000000-0000110100000r74 p354 Lempster

Maine - 0 Miner + 1 Minor entries

Nbr Head of Household Count Film Page - Location
xxx David Minor2100010000000-1111010000100r49 p263/2 Boothbay

and 16 Minor entries

Eastern Connecticut

Nbr Head of Household Count Film Page - Location
1637 Alvin G Miner0100010000000-4010100000000r10 p204 Lyme
xxx Amos Miner0000000010000-0000000120000r10 p79 Stonington
941 Amos Miner0000001010000-0000000010000r10 p197 Lyme
871 Asher Miner0101200100000-0012000100000r10 p129 North Stonington
xxx Betsey Miner0000000000000-0000000010000r10 p87 Waterford
1452 Calvin Miner1100100000000-1000100000000r10 p209 Lyme
1992 Cogs(w)el Miner0000010000000-2000100000000r10 p69 Stonington
Wchr Charles Miner0000100000000-0000010000000r10 p19 New London
1967 Charles Miner0000100000000-1000100000000r10 p83 Waterford
2138? Cyrus Miner1000000100000-0010110000000r10 p118 Norwich
668 Daniel Miner0010100100000-0000000000000r10 p195 Lyme
xxx Daniel Miner0112001000000-0003301000000r10 p162 Griswold
678? David Miner0000000001000-0000000001000r8 p291 Hebron
859 Denison Miner0121100100000-0001011000000r10 p129 North Stonington
659 Ebeneser Miner0001000010000-0000000010000r8 p122 East Haddam
890 Elias Miner3000200100000-1000010000000r10 p66 Stonington
926 Elias Minor0001000010000-0001201000000r10 p42 Groton
1638 Elisha W Miner2000100000000-0001100000000r10 p157 Preston
972 Ephraim Miner0100001000000-1010010000000r10 p43 Groton
970? Esther Miner0000000000000-0000100100100r10 p206 Lyme
640 Ezra Miner0011010100000-0100201000000r10 p216 Lyme
883 Ezra Miner0000010000000-1000100000000r10 p66 Stonington
xxx Fanny Miner0000100000000-0000101000000r10 p130 North Stonington
820 Frederick Miner0000000010000-0010000100000r10 p13 New London
2131 Gilbert Miner0000100000000-0000010000000r10 p134 North Stonington
889 Isaac Miner0000200100000-0002010100000r10 p79 Stonington
2008 Isaac Miner Jr.1001010000000-0000100000000r10 p66 Stonington
xxx James Miner0101000100000-2000100000000r10 p216 Lyme
371 James Miner0000000000100-0000020000000r10 p66 Stonington
1985 Jedediah Miner0000100000000-0100100000000r10 p129 North Stonington
My? Jesse Miner1100010000000-1110100010000r10 p225 Lebanon
1490 Jesse Miner0000010000000-0100010000000r10 p11 New London
949 Jesse Miner0100100100000-1100001000000r10 p79 Stonington
1327 Jesse Miner0010100100000-0000000100100r8 p307 Vernon
868 John Miner2011001000000-0111010000000r10 p137 North Stonington
Wchr John Miner0002000100000-0000001000000r8 p158 Saybrook
109VIIc John Miner0000110000000-0010010010000r10 p87 Waterford
818 John O Miner0010000011000-0001300100000r10 p60 Groton
Minard John W Miner1000100000000-0000100000000r10 p49 Groton
929 Jonathan Miner0111000100000-0001001000000r10 p139 North Stonington
1819 Joseph Miner1100010010000-1110010001000r10 p21 New London
961 Joseph P Miner0001101000000-0101010000000r10 p61 Stonington
1914 Leland Miner0000100000000-0000100000000r10 p142 North Stonington
My? Mabel Miner0000000000000-0111310000000r10 p270 Bozrah
423 Manasseh Miner0010020001000-0001000100000r10 p61 Stonington
935 Nathan Miner0000000100000-0000000100000r10 p117 Norwich
793 Nathaniel Miner1111001000000-2001001000000r10 p15 New London
277ii-2 Orlando Miner0000100000000-0000100000000r10 p192 Lyme
878 Oliver Miner0000010000000-0000120000000r10 p143 North Stonington
2011 Palmer Miner0000110000000-0001000000000r10 p143 North Stonington
xxx Phebe Miner0000000000000-0010010000000r10 p80 Stonington
2130 Robert Miner1110001000000-1110010000000r10 p149 Preston
873 Roswell Miner0012200100000-0120001000000r10 p144 North Stonington
1468 Ruben Miner0000100000000-1000200000000r10 p195 Lyme
xxx Samuel Miner Jr.0000010000000-2100010010000r10 p92 Waterford
840 Saxton Miner0012000010000-0003101000000r10 p142 North Stonington
777 Selden Miner0010001000000-1100001000000r8 p289 Hebron
636 Seth Miner0000000001000-0000000100000r10 p196 Lyme
719 Stephen Miner0000010001000-0000200010000r10 p204 Lyme
Myd? Stephen Miner0010100010000-2000100100000r10 p83 Waterford
109VI-iv Stephen Miner Jr.1110100001000-0100100011000r10 p83 Waterford
xxx Stephen Miner0010010010000-2000100100000r10 p87 Waterford
xxx Thomas Miner1121001000000-0110001000000r10 p56 Groton
421 Thomas Miner0001200100010-0111101000000r10 p79 Stonington
422 William T Miner1000000001000-1000012000000r10 p79 Stonington

Vermont - 28 Miner + 15 Minor entries

Nbr Head of Household Count Film Page - Location
547 Aaron Miner1000000001000-0000000010000r183 p298 Waitsfield
xxx Abell Minor0000100000000-1000100000000r183 p19 Georgia
562 Abner Miner1000100010000-0000001000000r187 p323 Lyndon
570 Abram Miner1111000100000-0101001000000r187 p304 Danville
969 Amos Miner0111100100000-1010010000000r186 p162 Halifax
1209 Andrew Miner2000100000000-0001000000000r187 p284 Newark
855. Andrew Minor1000000010000-0000200010000r186 p9 Brattleboro
1208 Ashbel Miner0001001000000-0200001000000r183 p293 Warren
392 Benjamin Miner0012000010000-0001000100000r184 p306 Bridport
1365 Burrell S Minor1000010000000-1010100000000r183 p57 Cambridge
548c Caleb Miner1200001000000-1100001000000r187 p315 Danville
676 Christopher Minor0000000001000-0000000000100r188 p132 Orwell
706 Clement Miner0010100100100-2001020000000r184 p308 Bridport
xxx Dolly Miner0100100000000-0000110000000r186 p302 Williston
2689 H K Miner0000100000000-0000100100000r185 p86 West Fairlee
Minard Israel Miner0201001000000-1010001000000r183 p289 Duxbury
xxx James Miner0011100000000-0101100000000r184 p307 Bridport
548 James Miner0000000001000-0001000010000r187 p309 Danville
854 James Miner0000100010000-0000100100000r286 p184 Dover
1949 James Miner Jr1110010000000-0000011000000r286 p181 Dover
xcx Joseph Miner1011001000000-1011011000000r186 p245 Milton
xxx Joseph Minor1010010000000-2000010000000r183 p93 St Albans
xxx Lewis Miner1000000000000-1000000000000r184 p306 Bridport
1064 Lewis Minor0000100000000-0000110010000r188 p203 Castleton
1929 Maro Minor0101100010000-1100010100000r183 p156 Richford
xxx Orlin Minor1100100000000-1000100000000r188 p109 Middletown
xxx Paul Minor3110010000000-1000100000000r183 p8 Fairfax
xxx Peter Miner1100010000000-1100100000000r183 p93 St Albans
568 Reuben Minor0011000100000-0112200100000r187 p379 Peacham
xxx Sally Minor0010110000000-1100111100000r186 p245 Milton
1593 Samuel Miner0001101000000-0120001001000r186 p321 Shelburne
xxx Sheldon Miner0000010000000-0000100000000r187 p310 Danville
xxx Stanton Miner0000000010000-0100000100000r187 p344 St Johnsbury
xxx Thomas Miner1021000101000-0101001011000r185 p164 Chelsea
xxx T S Miner0200010000000-2010010000000r183 p297 Waitsfield
xxx Timothy Minor0100010000000-2110100000000r185 p29 Victory
xxx W(illia)m Miner0000010000000-2100100000000r187 p339 St Johnsbury
xcx Wm Miner2001101000000-0220010000000r187 p33 Hartland
xxx William Minor0000210000000-2101100000000r186 p266 Westford
915? William B Minor0000100100000-1000100100000r186 p244 Milton
xcx Wm F Minor1011001000000-0100100000000r188 p109 Middletown
xxx Wm H Miner0011110000000-1100011000000r187 p244 Sharon


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