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259-262. MORE FISH FLY INTO RI!!! Four more fish carved by Justin (T2 - age 12) of MA and planted along our RI neck of the shore.

24 April 2010 - Checked the three boxes at "Iceaglr Karp".and revised clues to reflect changes in trail blazing.

Just before I left for a wedding in upstate NY, Justin handed me these great little carvings of some fish to add to our "Something Fishy" collection in RI. Well, I finally got back a month later (after being stuck in the vortex of Binghamton/Syracuse letterboxes for far longer than I had expected), so I immediately set out with Pete to plant these fish when I got home.

The first fish I remember Justin showing me was a flying fish, so I thought ... where to plant a flying fish? Well, at the Flying Carousel, of course! The Flying Carousel is one of the trademarks of Watch Hill, the southwestern neck of the town in which I grew up. It is on the National Register of Historic Sites for being the oldest flying carousel in the country, created in 1867 from leftover rocking horses that a New York company had on hand. These are the cutest, smallest wooden horses used for a carousel that you are likely to see anywhere, and they supposedly have real horsehair tails. They traveled to Watch Hill in 1883 with a traveling carnival and got left there at the end of Bay Street for all to enjoy looking at, but only for children age 12 or under and 100 pounds or under to take a ride on for a dollar...and perhaps catch the golden ring!

"Flying Fish" is Retired
The carousel flies from Memorial Day thru Labor Day but will still be open weekends through Columbus Day. At this time of year, it is often pleasant to drive down and park along Bay Street to take a stroll, especially in the evening without the crowds. After viewing the carousel, meander up Larkin Road to the left along a neatly made stone wall until you find the break in the wall with a column and a red sign that says "Walkers Welcome". Walk down the lane, where some large houses are still being built, towards the lighthouse. Enter the pedestrian gate of the chain link fence and follow it to the right. Just where it ends, you will find the "Flying Fish" nestled under rocks between the end of the chain link fence and the cobble stone embedded breakwater.

To continue fishing, return to your car and drive back out towards Westerly following evacuation route signs for a few miles to scenic 1A. Turn right and head east on 1A a couple more miles, passing the Winnapaug Road intersection, to a large white sign on the left that can be scrambled to read "Lipmanch Rd Iceaglr Karp". If you have reached the Venice restaurant on the right, you have gone too far, so turn around and park on the north side of the road about a quarter mile back.

Head up the trail to the left of the sign until you pass through a stone wall to a trail junction. (The map board is no longer there.) Follow the green/yellow trail straight. We suggest taking the second yellow turnoff to the left and continuing to the first stone wall crossing. Stopping just before the crossing, take one large or two small sidesteps to the right, and reaching behind the small stone at the base of the wall will net you the "Red Snapper of the Red Trail" (well, it used to have red blazes!).

Continue through this stone wall to a junction and bear left onto the red trail. Continue on red, looking down on where you just were, to the second stone wall crossing. Once again, just before passing through, take two or three sidesteps right and look beneath the large flat top rock behind a white potato stone at ground level for the "Large Mouth Bass".

Now pass through this stone wall and stay on the red trail to the junction with a yellow trail. Just before passing through the stone wall on the yellow trail, take two side steps left and look in the sheltering cave under another flat lichen-covered rock, where, huddled behind a small stone under a leaf blanket waits the "Alewife".

Follow the yellow trail to complete the loop and turn right on green/yellow to return to your car, or consider seeking more boxes on the outer blue trail ("Pete's F10000" to the east and "Pete's Grand View" to the west).

Hope you enjoyed the fishing!


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