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9. LITTLE TINY SAILBOAT A Hitchhiker waiting to sail away.

Date of sailing Piloted by Launched at
June 24, 2001Wanda & PeteLittle Red Schoolhouse, RI
Jan 15, 2002MartianMaggot & K9Manasquan, NJ
Feb 3, 2002Vic and Val?, CT
Aug 21, 2002Jodi FrankPunderson Park, OH
Sep 1, 2002Polly & Garry?
???Battle of the Bands - Grateful Dead, PA
Nov 26, 2004Indigo VultureParty Line, PA
July 2005Clueless & Silent Doug?

10. LITTLE TINY LIGHTHOUSE A Hitchhiker hoping to light the way.

Date Lighthouse keepers Safe harbors
Sep 22, 2001Wanda & PeteFinal Stretch, RI
Nov 5, 2001JosefCool Down, RI
Feb 15, 2002Red-Tongued FaceAvery Light, CT
May 31, 2002Stephani & John3 Little Pigs #1, CT
Aug 11, 2002Moonstone BabyCommon Thread, RI
Sep 2, 2002Jodi FrankIndian Cemetery, RI
Sep 28, 2002Boys at Work?
May 7, 2003Curly & RobFamily & Friends #1, RI
May 11, 2003ArmstrongsCode 1, CT
May 17, 2003Patrick & AmyGerbil Gathering, CT
Jun 7, 2003Patrick & AmyMHS Gathering, CT
Jun 10, 2003Wanda & PeteRI - safely home


The following boxes were first planned for the 2001 Burlingame Fall Gathering, but may be available at future events.


If looking at me, instead of a tree, a pumpkin you see - just ask for the key to the Pumpkin LB.


Look for me in a small wooden house near where letterboxers meet and greet one another. (He has also been known to hang out under a frisbie or with a bunch of gummy bears.)

42. SUNNY MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE A Hitchhiker that started out in Key West Florida. It is pictured of page 86 of "The Letterboxer's Companion" and features a tiny hand-carved sunshine stamp on the inside of the cork. (Don't forget to hold the bottle up to the sun to see the beads turn color!)

View the message here.

Date Sender Destination
Dec 20, 2002Wanda & PeteMansfield, CT
Jan 6, 2003Leader of the PackEast Lyme, CT
Jan 11, 2003Drew ClanGroton, CT
Jan 2003PsychokiwisChester, PA
Jan 2003MapsurferOR
Apr 4, 2003Wild WomanOregon City, OR
Apr 28, 2003Rands FamilyCanby Ferry, OR
May 21, 2003Dvn2r CkrWhale of a Tree LB, WA
May 24, 2004Dvn2r CkrTX
June 2005SamDallas, TX
July 2005Ruby TuesdayOklahoma City, OK
Aug 5, 2005Happy Days??

109. SUNNY MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE II The first sunny message in a bottle that we sent out in December of 2002 seems to have gotten "stalled out" somewhere in Texas, so we're starting out a new one with a little sand dollar stamp carved by Scarab on the cork's end. Hope this one makes it back home to us sometime soon! (Don't forget to hold the bottle up to the sun to see the beads turn color!)

Date Sender Destination
Mar 12, 2005Wanda & PeteSeattle, WA
Mar 19, 2005Amanda from SeattleKernville, CA
Mar 28, 2005Don and GwenID
Apr 10, 2005CadenzaNJ
Apr 30, 2005Letterboxing BeeBass Harbor, ME
May 24, 2005LimurDallas, TX
July 2005Ruby TuesdayIN
Jul 9, 2005Scout DogsRI
Aug 8, 2005Wanda & PeteNC
Aug 10, 2005Mt. Scorpia??


Date Driver Left At
May 16, 2004Wanda & PeteBirthday Blossoms, RI
Jun 20, 2004Phantom PhiddlerGhoti and Debauchery, RI
Apr 27, 2005Warrior Woman? MA


Just ask Pete where his doggie is.


This stamp was created for the Mansfield Monster Mash held in October of 2004. It was part of the Who Let the Dogs Out? series. Pete will be carrying it around for a while as a personal traveler for those who were not able to attend that event.


Wanda has a new personal traveler carved for her by Scout Dogs for solving a special mystery. All you have to do is figure out Wanda's "CIA code name". (Hint: it is the second part of the name of Scout Dog's biggest dog.)

Retired, but hope to replant this sometime soon!

219. FUDGE ANYONE? A little surprise for "fudgy folks", wherever they may be!

Just look in the gourmet fudge container for a sample of OUR "sweet-toothy recipe"!

241. PETE'S HOPPY KANGAROO A special gift box from Chuck for Pete's F 10,000 party.

Pete so liked the kangaroo stamp that Chuck carved for his F 10,000 party (his actual 10,000th find was a Chuck's "In Search of the Phantom Kangaroos"), that he has decided to carry it around with him as a temporary personal traveler until such time as he decides where to plant it. Meanwhile, all you have to do to receive this stamp is congratulate Pete for reaching 10K!

243. SPECIAL KITTY (aka THE LAUGHING COW) A joke on tabletoppers that ended up turning the tables on us to get the last laugh (but then we got to count it as a plant! :-)

Even though we basically started the tradition of tabletoppers many years ago with our "Little Dippy", we certainly had no idea that such an item, instead of a rare anomaly, would take over to become almost standard fare at gatherings. So, as a joke against the tabletopper explosion that has proliferated in recent years, we decided to leave a little container of Laughing Cow cheese lying around at a gathering with nothing in it except kitty litter ("Special Kitty" - the kind our cats refuse to use, as opposed to the A&P brand we get when visiting our "A&P Rock"!) Perhaps, very few of the newer letterboxers would even get the joke about tabletoppers that we were implying. However, some industrious soul actually put a tiny stamp that looked like a slightly larger than average piece of kitty litter into the cheese box, thereby turning it into a bona fide letterbox! So you see, the joke was on us and there's no stopping the lengths to which some people will go to collect another "stamp", no matter what it represents!

281. JUST A PRETTY BOX A sequined box ... but where's the stamp?

As far as letterboxes go, this one may be barely hanging on by a hair! However, if you really really want the stamp, just tell us the Polish word for "Christmas Tree"!

282-3. KAELI'S ANGEL & EMILY'S TREE A couple of box-shaped stamps with destination unknown.

Last seen hanging on the Compass Cuties' Christmas Tree!

339. GIVE THE WINTER BLAHS THE BOOT Originally carved for the Winter Blahs gathering in Buchanan, NY (1/24/10), but may get to drive around with us to other places, if we don't get a "flat tire"!

This could be the only letterbox ever to have gotten blown away by a bitter blast of winter wind, run over by a car right before our very eyes, and still "survived" (albeit in somewhat mangled form!) Here's the clue:

Tired of hanging out indoors in cold, snowy weather?
Just stomp on out to "RI Red" and look by the "left boot"!

464. WANDERING WANDA An adorable stamp carved by Blackvelvetrav of ID that just seems to capture the spirit of my various hiking adventures (in all 50 states and over 20 foreign countries in the past, but maybe still getting to revisit at least some of those places in the future! :-)

This stamp by Blackvelvetrav is just so cute that I probably won't be able to set it free "in the wild", but I'll definitely want it to be accompanying me on trails I still hope to be hiking /re-hiking in the near future. So, if anyone finds me out hiking on a trail somewhere, or perhaps even at a gathering, and can name at least half a dozen different trails from out of the many dozens that I backpacked all around the country in the 1980's and 90's (see "Wanda's Wanda-rings", if you don't have any idea about which ones and how many times!), I will make an effort to do an "impromptu plant" nearby, so that this "little hiking charmer" can be considered a "real find"! ( or maybe just a gathering PT!;-)

594. Kola Kola Ziola Now traveling along with us on the open road

This title stamp was something that I originally carved for the 2015 Wheels event in MA, but deemed it far too crude for all the fancy new wheels that I knew would be showing up there. Actually, it was the first thing that came to my mind when thinking of something that I could possibly carve related to wheels because of an old poem called "przez kresy" by Jozef Czechowicz that repeats the word for wheels in Polish several times over, along with other Polish words of similar resonance ("wheels, wheels, weeds … i invoke the golden round pastry bread" - "kola kola ziola…wolam zloty kolacz"), sort of like waiting for dawn's golden orb (and breakfast! ) after a long long boring twilight ride across the seemingly endless plains. It also reminded me of the way that we have seen people at "stamp gatherings" monotonously "spinning their wheels", stamping their books with page after page of stamp images in a kind of "zombie-like hypnotic state" reminiscent of the sleepy "half-life" ("senne polzycie") mentioned in this poem - instead of having it dawn on them to wake up to the golden opportunity of going off on a real full-fledged letterbox adventure! At any rate, though, this stamp is certainly not one of the sort that "stamp collectors" would want, but if any letterboxers would care to get this stamp if they meet us while we are in the actual process of letterboxing or traveling through "on the road," then we would surely be glad to share our simple daily bread and this old cart wagon!

595. Jackie's Bear A little stamp that travels with me whenever I'm wearing Jackie's pin on my fuzzy black jacket

This stamp is based on a dancing bear pin from the Jackie O collection that Pete bought me on one of our Princess cruises. (Yup, it even came with its own certificate of authenticity!;-) Anyway, if you make some comment about the pin, you just might get offered the stamp, too!

609. The Flying Squash Soup Disaster A tiny butternut in memory of a spectacular pumpkin-colored explosion in our car en route to Soup's On in MA!

Please, please, please do not look for this butternut any longer with the soup boxes in Southampton, MA!!! It was only there for a couple of hours! However, we don't want to list it as "retired" just in case, like some of the other boxes there, it may yet turn up somewhere else!

OK, we were finally going to do it this year - make soup for the Soup's On Gathering in Southampton, MA. More than six months previously I had already decided on making my favorite butternut squash recipe for that event, since we usually have plenty of butternut squash waiting for us in the garden whenever we get back in the fall from our summer trail work and travels through the Rocky Mountains. In fact, that's usually the only thing that grows for us while we are away. It always seemed to be able to take care of itself and produce so many large well-shaped specimens that we often had plenty to give away to friends at church and even to the local soup kitchen!

Well, not so this year! When we finally got back from out west in early October, all we had to show from our whole garden was one puny little 3-inch gourd-like thing desperately clinging to the fence, while everything else in the garden was completely dried up! Oh, well, that's just how it grows sometimes… We'd already signed up to bring "butternut bisque" , but no problem - we'd just buy a couple of big butternuts at our local grocery store. (turns out they actually came from Czajkowski's Farm in Hadley!) We even went out and bought a new crock pot, since we didn't have one big enough for a double recipe. Then, the day before the gathering, I made the bisque, baking the squashes in the oven, scooping out the flesh and adding milk,honey, brown sugar, cinnamon butter, salt, pepper, and fresh ground nutmeg, blending the mixture by small batches in the blender, and getting it all ready for the crock pot. The next morning, I packed it carefully in a large cooler with ice blocks so that nothing would jiggle on our long drive up to MA, and asked Pete to load it in the car.

Well, I was a little surprised that Pete plunked the large cooler in the back seat of our car rather than the trunk, but he said that the trunk was full of stuff for dancing that night, and the back seat is where we usually carry the small cooler when we travel on shorter trips anyway, so it should be fine. For extra protection we tucked in a few blankets and loose clothing items that I had decided to take at the last minute - my fuzzy black coat, vest, and a brand new woolen sweater that was the first sweater I'd bought in about 20 years! Off we headed from RI into CT, when Pete's heavy foot made a rather abrupt right turn, and I heard the dull thunk of something tipping over, namely the whole cooler,followed by the sharp crack of the lid coming undone! "Stop the car", I yelled, only to hop out and see orange ooze creeping out of the overturned lid onto the floor, the back seat, my backpack, my coats and even all over my brand new sweater! There was so much squashed bisque flowing out everywhere that there was scarcely a cup or two left in the crock pot itself! I could never even have imaged such an awful pumpkin-colored mess in my entire life!

Needless to say, we had to head straight back home and spend hours trying to clean everything up. I was in tears, but Pete just said "it was physics", and that I shouldn't cry over spilt milk, even if it was mixed with lots of squash and nice spices. So, hours later, off we headed again northward with nothing we could spill this time, just some fresh pineapple chunks, cookies and such, and only that one sad little original squash marked for life as a memento of our phenomenally messy soup disaster. So, if you see that little runt of a butternut sitting most fastidiously on a plastic-wrapped copy of the bisque recipe so as not to ink up any countertops, please make sure to replace it just as fastidiously. We've already had enough disasters in our lifetime, as well as PTSD from early childhood abuse, so please give us a break from all the yelling and thanks for understanding.


You can find information about this hobby at Letterboxing North America (LbNA)

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