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721. Signs of the Haunting Season Short walk for a few remnants of Halloween in Ninigret Park

1. No Alcohol Bartender Ghost
2. No Exit Brown-nosed Bat
3. No Vehicle Char-Witch
4. No Swimming Red Ghost
5. No Entrance Breezeway

Well, it’s a wee bit late for these “Halloween travelin’ lights” now, but there’s still time to nab them in connection with the “17th Annual Southern RI Fall Gathering” before we pull them by the end of November, if any letterboxers just might happen to find themselves down this way over the next couple of weeks or so. They’re presently residing in Ninigret Park, just south off route 1 headed east with an entrance opposite the Charlestown Police Station.

Follow the main road curving into the park, passing the Nature Center on the left and the Observatory on the right, to turn left before the dog park and park soon on the right in an area with some stacked white lifeguard lookout chairs. On the north side of this parking lot is a large green sign stating “NO ALCOHOL”. On the right side base of the left support post rests the odd mustachioed and bow-tied Bartender Ghost, on the back of a small “travelin’ light” stone.

Continue north up the road, crossing the bike trail and bending right towards the Charlestown Community Center, but before turning left in front of it, spot the yellow “NOT A THROUGH STREET” sign and the white “NO EXIT” sign on the right. From the “NO EXIT” sign it should be about 42 steps at 350* to where a tiny bat rests upside down in a nook about 3 feet up behind the “ANY VIOLATION” part of the “ATTENTION” sign attached to the north side of a multi-tree.

Now take that left turn to continue north up the road, crossing a bike trail again, passing some gravel piles on the left and a rock-blocked road with “NO MOTOR VEHICLES” sign. Just before the second such sign and rock-blocked road left, find the “CHAR” charred remains of some black lettering on the middle dolmen representing the tallest of the three witches turned to stone, and look at its front left base to find the broom-less char-witch hunkered down in the withered fragments of a few stalks of dead grass.

Now take that second rock-blocked road to the left and follow it till you can see a picnic pavilion in the distance ahead. Turn left off pavement onto grassy trail here (possibly following along with RIClimber’s clues for “Things to Do in RI”), and continue along until you have crossed the boardwalk and are almost back to the road you came in on near the pond and Nature Center. See the “NO PARKING” and “NO SWIMMING” sign nearby with the curious-looking white ghost drowning on a red background that you may have noticed on the way in? Wish I could have carved that instead, but all I had with me was a little red ghost on the back of a white background stone, so that will have to do for now. It’s resting peacefully at the back base of that ghostly sign, but do watch for telltale signs of the rusty red of fall poison ivy nearby, before you walk the short distance back east to your properly parked vehicle!

Finally, drive back west out the road you came in on, past the Nature Center and Observatory, but before exiting the park to the north, stop by the large “chowder pavilion” and the smaller gray and white traffic control/observation tower on the left. South of that building is another shed-like building with the words “NO ENTRANCE FROM THIS SIDE” on its west-facing side where the leftover carved pumpkins from the Charlestown pumpkin walk were lined up after Halloween. Now there are no pumpkins and no entrance on the other side either! Oh, well - just take about 20 steps at 140* from the southwest corner of the building to the pole with the gray box near its bottom at the edge of the woods, then another scant 10 steps at 90* to the northeast side of the 3-foot sitting rock and carefully dust off some leaves to find the box formerly known as “A Breeze from the Southwest” (carved from an image on a bandana I once wore while almost getting blown away into the Grand Canyon years ago!) hiding under a small flat piece of slate. Hopefully this slightly more secluded spot out of the “breezeway” can help keep this box safe, but please take time to put everything back carefully as found just to make sure!

726. Veterans Day Travelin' Light A quick stop while passing through Ninigret Park in Charlestown, RI

N.B. As many letterboxers probably know by now, after planting well over 500 regular boxes, we have mostly gotten tired of leaving plastic containers out in the natural environment, so for the past few years, instead of actual boxes, we sometimes just leave in our wake small stones with stamps glued onto their bottom side that we call "travelin' lights". (So, don't expect this to be a box!)

For this “travelin’ light”, just go to Ninigret Park east off Route 1 on Old Post Road 1A , and turn south into the park. Across from the tennis courts on the west side of the road soon after you enter the park there is a granite monument on the east side of the road with a flagpole for the Charlestown Naval Auxiliary Landing Field. On the gravel in front of the monument is a small flat stone with the following engraved on it: “ 1943 to 1973 / Charlietown “. Under this stone and some duff is a much smaller trapezoidal stone with a rubber stamp “Honoring Our Veterans” glued onto it.


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