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112. POOH POINTS THE WAY An easy box at the northbound rest area off I-35 near Thackerville, OK. Stamp by RTRW of Pooh pointing the way north to Oklahoma City.

Reported missing Dec. 2006

On our way from the Brazos Bend Gathering near Houston, TX to the Cabin Fever Gathering in Oklahoma City, we just had to celebrate crossing over to a new state to letterbox in by leaving a microbox at the first Oklahoma rest area heading north from TX to OK on I-35. The rest area looked so inviting with its teepee picnic tables that we walked around a bit, then settled in at the teepee furthest to the south and closest to the entrance road. If you continue on past this particular table about 22 steps at 210 degrees (same direction as the sidewalk coming in) you might just find a film container microbox tucked into the cavity of a tree on the north side of its base. Look deep inside. Hope it's still there!

113. OLD CHEROKEE ROSE MAN An easy box just south of Oklahoma City adjacent to Lake Stanley Draper. Stamp by RTRW.

25 March 2008 - We have heard that the END sign is gone, but that there is a sign that says: "This trail is maintained by the OEF and friends." Also, the Exit sign has changed - no arrows on the back.

We had such a nice time staying with the Happy Days in Oklahoma City, and picking up Cherokee roses along the paths to some of their boxes in the area that we just had to leave a "Cherokee rose" of our own! Actually, it's a carving that RTRW of CT made of Euripedes, but his wrinkled old face reminded us of those whirled wrinkles on the Cherokee roses we found, so we re-dubbed him "Old Cherokee Rose Man"!!

Anyway, to find the box, take the Douglas Boulevard exit from I-40 or I-240, then go one mile east to Post Road. Go south on Post Road. Past 74th but before reaching 89th on the east side is the "Lake Stanley Draper Non-motorized Trail Head". There is a well-maintained gravel parking lot with concrete picnic tables.

Park and use the map board to locate the end of the yellow loop trail. Six steps before the END sign, look west for a double trunked tree. Between the trunks at the base of that tree is the film container micro-box. Note: there is an EXIT sign under the power lines just 13 steps north of the END sign. There are 3 colored arrows on the back side of the EXIT sign.

Cherokee Rose and January/Months_of_the_Year_Series are located off of the same parking lot.


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