The Diary of Thomas Minor, Stonington, Connecticut


These months are from the beginning pages of the diary. The missing words that were on the damaged edges are reconstructed within parenthises where possible.

  • The ninth month November (30 days)
  • Tusday the first
    wensday the 2 it snowed and
    thursday the 3 it rained and
  • tusday the 8 was at mill
    the wensday being the () was a day of thanksgiving and
  • tusday the 15 I gathered turneps (and) pasneps and
  • tusday the 22 I was about fensing of my hay at Poquatucke and
  • tusday the 29 John cam home and it was a storm
    and wensday the 30
the 2 of December Mr Haynes his cattel was delivered unto me being friday
  • The tenth month december 31 days
  • thursday the first
  • thursday the 8 and
    wensday the 14 Captin masons man Came for one yoke of oxen and
  • thursday the 15 &
  • thursday the 22 I had plowed two days crose the (la)nd and this same day I begun to () timber at the mill We-(que-te-quoc)
  • (thursday) the 29 I plowed a littell and
    friday the 30 it rained and I () 500 of pales Clover and
    ()day my Brothers brought () from Poquatucke and
    (Saturday) 31
  • (The) Eleventh month Januarie 31 (days)
  • (saba)th day the first
    (mo)nday (the 2 ... deliver)ed 2 oxen to Aron Starke for the yuse of major mason
    satterday the (7) theare was a greate snow
  • sabath day (the 8)
    monday the 9 we fetched the mare I could not find the swine &
  • sabath the 15 ther was aded another great snow the () came whome
    thursday the 19 the snow all melted &
    friday the 20 I made an end Cleaving of pals at the mill br(ooke) the was aleven hundred pals and
  • sabath day the 22
    the 26 and 27 I ()
  • sabath the 29
    and tusday the (31)
  • The twelvth month februarie 28 days the second yeare after the leape yeare
  • wensday the first
    and monday the (6) made an end of cross plowing and
  • wensday the 8 I had 9 peeces to hew 3 seventeen foot () 14 foot loung 9 ynches and 6
    the ()day I looked for the mare
  • wensday the 15
    thursday the 16 I came from (Conet)icut &
  • wensday the 22 it was (ver)ie darke storme and did snow
    (tus)day 28 I fetched the catell (Poqu)atuck

The last will of Thomas Minor m(ade) the 8 of februarie 1653: if I die or com no more I doe bequeath and give all that I have house and lands goods and cattell To my wife grace minor and do leave the whole disposing of my children to her for any debts that I ow to be paid by her and then the rest to be hers for her own maintainance and our Childrens and this I do witness by setting To my hand the 8 of februarie 1653.
Thomas Minor

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