The Diary of Thomas Minor, Stonington, Connecticut


  • The eleventh month is Januarie and hath .31.days
  • thursday the first
    we had laid out father's land at tagwoung
  • thursday the 8
    I was at Towne
  • thursday the 15
    I was at Towne the day after the fast when we met about Captain denison and other recommended Bretheren and sistors and the letter came from mr Blackman and mr fitch
  • thursday the 22
    wen had fetched up the top of the stalke Reeke and the third of our sheep died
  • thursday 29
    a greate storme
    sattterday the 31
the first of februarie whit calved gentile caved the 11 of februarie it was wensday
  • The twelvth moneth is februarie and hath 28 days being the yeare 1656 and the first yeare after the leape yeare
  • sabath day the first
    monday the 2 called Candelmas day
  • sabath day the 8
    monday the greate snow fell
    tuday I came whome
  • sabath day was the 15
    monday the 16 I fetched up the Reeke of hay
  • sabath day the 22
    monday the 23 it was wet and
    satterday the 28 and the last day of this monhe Browne begin to mend
The 19 of februarie Browne calved being Thursday
  • The first month is march and hath .31. days being the year 1657 and the second yeare after the leape yeare
  • sabath day the first
    berie calved
    the 24 of februarie Colie calved
    the 6 day we changed 2 bushels of winter wheate with my father for 2 bushels of summer wheate to sow
  • sabath day the 8
  • sabath day the 15
    the Sacrament was administred
    Mr Thomson and his wife came and we lay at Jams Averies
  • sabath day the 22
    the meeting was at my fathers and the night before pidie calved
    the 28 day the mare folled
  • sabath day the 29
    tusday the 31
  • The second month is April and hath 30
  • wensday the first
    thursday the 2 i made an end of sowing of wheate upon the plaine the same day the two heighfors did Calvie
  • wensday the 8th
    I had done plowing for Indean Corne and that day I sowed flax and feched up the hay
    friday the 10 I first kept the Cattell abroad and yt same day I made an end of planting Indean corne
    tusday the 14 we had the 2 shots from goodman shaws
  • wensday the 15
    Thomas time begun with James Averie
    thursday the 16 Browne died
    monday the 20 we made the Contrie Rate
  • wensday the 22
  • wensday the 29
    we made and end of cutting Clobboardes
    and thursday the 30
  • The third moneth is May and hath 31 days
  • friday the first
  • friday the 8
  • Thursday the 15
    I had made an end of cleaving of bolts
    the 13 day was the first lecttuer at shaws
  • friday the 22
    I came whome friday the 23
    I was at hartford
  • friday the 29
    I came whome and delivered a firkin of butter to Thomas huet to carrie to simon Cobden
    sabath day the 31
The 2 of June we first Trained at misticke 1657
The 8 of June I paid Mr Blinman 54 of buter yt 7 s
  • The fourth month is June and hath 30 days
  • monday the first
    wensday the 3
    mr Blinman was to com to our house the daybefore I hedged for mr Tomson
    thursday the 4 I was at naraganset
  • monday the 8
    I was at Towne
    major mason was there and Captaine denison
    friday the 12 John went to Coneticut
  • monday the 15
  • monday 22
    mr newman the day before taught at pequit
  • monday the 29th
    tusday the 30
    I was at seabrooke mill
  • The fifth moneth is July and hath 31 days
  • wensday the first
    the second day being thursday I came from sabrooke mill
  • wensday the 8
    the day before I begun to mow the same day the meeting was at Towne
    about misticke and poquatucke ye lecter was this 8 day of July
  • wensday ye 15
    we puled hemp and I mowed ye major & Mr Brewster met at nayanticke and I was Pressed
  • wensday the 22
    I was reaping of winter wheate and the first lectter was prched at pequit
  • wensday the 29
    I fetched in all the winter wheate ther was 26 scoors of sheaves
    friday the 31
    sowed 2 days turneps the 28 day of this month
  • The sixth month is Agust and hath 31 days
  • satterday the first &
  • satterday the 8
    I begun to reape at ye plaine and had sowne all ye turneps & plucked the flaw & mowed meadow at ye head of ye creecke
  • satterday the 15
    we made the wheate mowe
    I was ill in my throate yt weecke Ephraim had the ague
  • satterday the 22
    I opened ye well and Samuel grover fetched ye goate away & the lamb
  • satterday 29
    Epharaim went to poquotucke Monday 31
  • The seventh month is september and hath 30 days
  • tusday the first
    and monday the 7 I made an end of mowing of 31 loads of hay
  • tusday the 8
  • tusday the 15
    the goats were lost
  • tusday the 22
    I began to gather coren
  • tusday the 29
    and mickelmas day & wednesday the 30
    paid to goodman loungden nine shillings & two pence in Tallow Cheese & one shilling of wampum to carie
  • The eight month is october and hath 31 days
  • thursday the first
  • thursday the 8
    I was at Nayanticke with Johns things & could not get them carried and Ephraim and Joseph begune to gather stalks I brought whome the toungs
  • thursday the 15
    I sown the winter wheat
    and friday and saturday I had been in the woods looking calves
  • thursday the 22
    and sabath ye 25 ye ministers seate was pulled downe
    ye 26 I killed ye swine
    ye ram was let loos
  • thursday the 29
    we had 45 bushells of turneps cut
    satterday 31
  • The ninth month is November & hath 30 days
  • sabath day the first and
  • sabath day the 8 and
  • sabath day 15
    I was at pvidence with the merchants and
    wensday the 18 day I came from Towne
    thursday the 19 I threshed Indean corne for to go mill
  • sabath day the 22
    monday 23 I was looking the canoow
    wensday the 25 I fetched the Cloth from harrises
  • sabath day the 29
    monday the 30 end
  • The tenth month is december and hath 31 days
  • tusday the first
    and satterday the 5 I brought whome the Calves
  • tusday the 8
    I was at poquanump
  • tusday the 15
    I was cleaving of clapbords
  • tusday the 22
    I made an end cleaving of clapboards & begun to hew
    wensday I gave my wife phisicke &
    friday the 25 and Christmas day
  • tusday 29
    and thursday the 31 I made an end of doing the side of my house with clapbords
    the 30 day was wensday and a day of thanksgiving at shaws

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