The Diary of Thomas Minor, Stonington, Connecticut


  • The eleventh month is Januarie hath .31.days
  • wednesday the first
    the 2 day I was at poquatucke
    the 3 day I clove shingell &
  • wednesday the 8
    the 9 day I & my wife was to see mr Brigden
    the 10 day it snowed
  • wednesday the 15
    the snow was all of the ground
    the 13 day being monday we fetched sam & hannah ther heighfer from Arons &
  • wednesday the 22
    mr Brigden was at poquatucke
    Thomas & Joseph was at new london
    the 26 day I was at new norwitch
    I came whome lame
  • wednesday 29
    Ephraim & Joseph went [to] tagwouncke
    friday the 31 we had our Catell all whome
  • The twelvth moneth is februarie 28 days
  • satterday the first
    and the year 1661[/2] and the second yeare after the leape yeare
    thursday 6 day I reckned with John mors and
  • satterday I was at poquatucke at mr Stantons my wife mother & Brother Elihu being the 8 day
  • saterday the 15
    Joseph swimed for the Canoow and Clement was looking the mares
    I was threshing of wheate &
  • saterday the 22
    we treshed the gray pease. 5 peckes
    I was very lame in my back
    the 20 day John Mores was taken by the Constabel
    there was a Courte the 25 and 26 at shas being tuesday and wednesday
    friday 20 I was verie ill
    our sister hanah was very weak
    Clement was at the westward
  • The first moneth march & hath .31. days
  • saterday the first
    and is the third year after the leape yeare and the year 1662
    monday the 3 day I and Joseph was looking mares at poquatucke 4 days
    tuesday Thomas was at new London
    friday the 7th goodman starts Indean came to him
  • saterday the 8
    tusday the 11th we made an end of framing at starts
    our whit calvfe died
  • saterday the 15
    I was ill in my head
    the 16 day I took phisicke
  • saterday the 22
    the 23 I began to mend
  • saterday 29
    monday the 31 Thomas was looking the mares at Naraganset & his coult was brought whome
  • The second month is April & hath 30
  • tusday the first
    wensday the 2 Samuell & hanah heighfer went to the majors Iland
  • Tusday the 8th
    Thomas first fell sicke at narragansett as he was looking the mares
    the 12 day satterday I begun to sow pease &
  • Tusday the 15.
    I sowed peas
    thursday I went to narragansett being the 17
    satterday the 19 Thomas departed [this life]
    sabath being 20 he buried
  • The 22 tusday
    I came whome & brought the mare & Coult
  • Tusday the 29
    I sowed oates my wheat was sowed &
    wensday the 30.
    The 24th of this month mr Brigden departed this life.
  • The third moneth is May & hath .31. days
  • thursday the first
    I planted Indean Corne
    the Charge of the yeare past 1661 this day cast up coms to 101-00-00 besides the diet of the family
    The 6 day we lost a Coult
    The 7 day we made an end of plowing
  • Thursday the 8 &
  • Thursday the 15
    I was at Stratford
  • Thursday the 22
    I came whome friday the 23
    we planted again what was pulled up &
  • Thursday the 29
    I was at new london and brought the Chest & boxes & glass & nails
    saterday 31 I was at goodman cheesbroughs
  • The fourth moneth is Jun & hath 30 days
  • sabath day the first
    we had all our kids killed
    monday ye second I received 2 letters from my Cousin William
  • sabath day the 8
    I was at norrig [Norwich]
    Ephraim was sicke the 13 day I saw hartleys house Raised &
  • sabath day the 15
    I was at new london mr Tinker
    wensday the 18th we made an end of killing
    friday the 20th I took up the childrens legacies
    I never saw the will of my ffather palmer till then
  • sabath day 22
    the 25 I came whome with the mare
  • sabath day the 29th
    monday the 30
    the 27 being friday we had acount for dartes indeans
  • The fifth moneth is July & hath 31 days
  • tusday the first
    saterday the 5 we had made a 11 loads of hay at Tagwouncke
    we then saw and heard of all the mares but the litel blacke mare
  • Tusday the 8
    the sacrament was administred
    I went to Caring of hay at the farms
    friday the 11th we fenced the 3 Reecks & it rained &
  • Tusday ye 15
    I cut peas & yt day the Calfe was taken ill as the Indean was keeping it
    wensday night he died &
  • Tusday the 22
    we were at shas to meet with holsie
    The 23 we sowed turneps
  • The 29 was tusday
    we begun to reape
    I went to goodman Cheesbrough about mr Chance
    thursday 31
    The 24th of June 1662, I was at warweek for the mare shee cost me 3-8-0
  • The sixth moneth is Agust & hath 31 days
  • friday the first &
  • friday the 8
    we got our fouerth Reeke of hay togeather at Tagwounke &
  • friday the 15
    mr Chancy came to Towne
    The wensday before Rogers spake to the Church
    The 20th day being wensday I & my wife both dreamed
    we made an end of hay makeing
  • friday 22
    I was taken ill in my shoulders as I was gathering 2 trees of apples
    The 25th Sarah was at Smiths
    Tusday 26 I was at Narraganset for witnes about the mares
  • friday 29
    mr Chancy was heare sabath day the last mo
  • The seventh moneth september & hath 30 days
  • Monday the first
    I was to set forth to the Commishonors Courte at Bostowne
  • [the 8th]
  • [the 15th]
    The 20th day I came whome &
  • the 22
    I was at New London
    Clement & ffrancis willie was made
  • Monday 29 &
    michelmus day it Rained we wer gathering Corne &
    Tusday the 30 we wer all [at] the Towne at Captain denisons at a feast
  • The eight moneth is october & hath 31 days
  • wensday the first
    The 2 day we made an End of gathering of Indean Corne and
  • wensday the 8
    we came from shammatucke
    thursday the 9th we fetched 2 bushell 2-1 of Coren from soonamoten
  • wensday the 15
    I was at new london and had the horse shew set
    tusday 21 we got slab board
    mr stanton showed me the Rate from Coneticut
  • wensday 22
    the Towne met about the dam
  • wensday 29
    a day of Thanksgiving at new london
    friday 31 I was at my mothers & we found Clements mare
  • The ninth moneth is November & hath 30 days
  • saterday the first
    ye 6 day I came from Rehobothe
    7 day we met and it was discovered yt ye warant from Coneticut was left upon the file on the bay
  • saterday the 8
    it was wet &
  • satterday 15
    I was at new london about the Irons &
  • saterday 22
    I was preparing to goe to bostowne with Clement
    we killed our swine the same day
    wensday 26 Clement was married
    & I was taken ill in my backe
  • saterday the 29
    and sabath day the 30 my wife was at new london
    The 19 day mr Stantons Two daughters was married.
  • The tenth moneth is december & hath 31 days
  • Monday the first
    I was still ill in my backe
    the celler was on fier
    Elisha went to the smiths for mill Irons
    the second Joseph carried the mucke out of the Calves yard
  • The 8 day we had new Choice of officers
    I was left free
    it was agreed that ever after the Eletion should be on the first Tusday in December and
  • monday the 15
    I made an end of the winter hemp
    Ephraim was at Averies and
  • monday 22
    we made an end of fething of 20 load of wood
  • monday 29
    we had a meeting to read the Coneticut writings
    John Colver had turnips
    The 30 we had a courte and I was tried
    wensday 31

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