The Diary of Thomas Minor, Stonington, Connecticut


  • The eleventh month is Januarie and hath .31.days
  • saterday the first
    The 21 the major went to Norwich
    I was at New London and samuell
  • saterday the 22
    monday 24 mr Richardson Cut out my Coat
    The Rest of this moneth I spent in the war
  • The twelvth moneth is februarie and hath 29 days: it being Leap yeare
  • Tusday the first
    monday the 7th I came whome from the war and
  • Tusday the 8
  • Tusday the 15
    wee came from the meeting at New London about the souldiers going out
    wensday the 16the Constable Tould me yt hee was to provide 12 souldiers of this Towne for Captayne Denison
  • Tusday the 22
    the 23 is apoynted to (be) a day of humiliation
  • Tusday 29
    I was at New London
    they were makeing up theyr accounts with the Contrie for the souldiers
    the 28 day I sowed sumer wheate
The 17 of februarie 1675 the souldiers were apoynted to goe forth
The 2d of march 1675 76 the papers Concerning Takeing the Townes bills for the Charge of warr came first to my hand
  • The first month is march and hath 31 days
  • wensday the first
    and it is the first yeare after the Leap yeare and the yeare of our Lord 1676 and from the creation 5625
    the first day the prisoners were delivered to major palmes
    the 2 day wee chose Townesmen
    the 3 day I was at mill
    the 7th day Tusday the volenteers were to meet at meshunitupit
    and the 13 day of march they Returned
  • wensday the 15
    I harrowed in the wheate in the playne
  • wensday the 22
    was a day of humiliation through the whole Collony
    the garison souldiers came heare Thursday the 23
    saterday the 25 and our Ladie day
    monday 27 wee wer to be at New London
    28 wee wen to Norwich
  • wensday 29
    Thursday 30
    friday 31
The 28 of march Tusday wee set forth and cam whome
the 4 of aprile Tusday
wensday I went to Conecticut and came whome saterday
  • The second moneth is April and hath 30
  • saterday is the first and
  • saterday the 8th
    monday the 10 and
  • saterday the 15
    wee were preparing for another Jorney to the Indeans at Narraganset
    the 17 day to meet at Meshuntupit beeing monday and
  • saterday the 22
    wee wer at Cooeeset
    the 27 Thursday wee were free and Ended our business at New London
  • saterday 29
    samuell was at New London
    sabath day the 30
The 23d of Aprile 1676 Tho minor was 68 yeares ould
  • The third moneth is May and hath 31 days
  • monday the first
    the 2 3 and fouerth days I was at New London and brought amonition and bread for the Expedition to the Indeans
  • monday the Eight day
    Tusday the 9th wee went to meshuntuck
  • monday the 15
    wee came from providence
    the 16 day New London souldiers went whome
    Thursday the 18 I payd mr noyes 4 bushells of wheate and 3 bushells of Rie in 1-12-00 fo(r) his Rate and
  • monday the 22
    we fetched the Catle into the pastor
    wensday 24 a day of humiliation
    Thursday 25 wee washed sheep
  • monday 29
    wee sheered our sheep
    Tusday 30 samuell and hanah was at New London
    wensday 31
  • The fouerth moneth is June and hath 30 days
  • the first is Thursday
    I was at New London
    samuell went to Norwich
  • Thursday the 8
    wee Turned out the oxen
  • Thursday the 15
    wee were to meet all the souldiers at steeven Richardsons house
    sabath day the 18 the souldiers came whome to Stoneingtone
    the 21 day we mowed the Litle orchard
  • Thursday 22
    saterday 24 midsummer day
    samuell came whome from the Armie
    Tusday 27 samuell went forth Interpreter to the Armie the second time
    wenday 28 a day of humiliation
  • Thursday 29
    friday 30
    Captayne Averie and his wife was heare
  • The fift moneth is July and hath 31 days
  • saterday is the first
    wensday the 5 day samuell came whome from the Armie sick
  • the 8 day was saterday
    Captayne Denison was heare it was wet
  • saterday the 15
    wee brought whome wood
  • the 22 saterday
    I fetched whome the prisoners from the Towne
    our son John was heare
    the 23d day the Armie marched of from mashantuckset
    the 26 day wee had all our wheat in 740 sheaves
  • saterday the 29
    our sister Sloan came
    we wer at plowin in the playne
    monday the 31 wee went to quaquatage
The 17 of Agust 1676 was Caried Away the 3 Rams
The 18 day Tho sha was buried mr birchid was heare
  • The sixth month is Agust and hath 31 days
  • the first is Tusday the first
    the 2 day was a fast
    the 4th day I was a mill
    the 7 day wee put forth our Calves
  • Tusday the 8
    I hurt my back
    sister Averie was heare
    the 9 day wensday stoneingtone souldiers came whome
    wee had 6 sheepe killed with the wolfe
    monday the 14 Thomas fanning was heare to mow
  • Tusday the 15
    I was at mill
    wensday the 16 it was apoynted to be a publick day of Thanksgiveing over the whole Colony
  • Tusday the 22
    wensday 23 a day of Thanksgiveing
  • 29
    wensday 30 a day of Thanksgiven in the Colony
    Thursday 31
  • The seventh moneth is september and hath 30 days
  • friday is the first
  • friday the 8 day
    I carted Hay
    the 10 day was the Lords super administred
  • friday the 15
    I caried poles
    gershum Palmer was heare
  • friday 22
    I was at the County Court
    wensday 27 a day of publick thanksgiveing
    saterday the 30
  • The Eight month is october and hath 31 days
  • sabath day the first
  • sabath day the 8
    wee was at yeomans about the Cow
    monday the 9 I tooke up the pay for the 2 oxen
  • sabath day the 15
    monday 16 I was at New London sould my oats
    wensday 18 I sould my bull stag
  • sabath day 22
    the 2 merchants was at mr Richardsons
    monday 23 we begun to Carie muck
  • sabath day the 29
    monday 30
    deliverance blackman had Johns Letter
    The same day I received one Ancker of mallaces 6 Pound of sugar 2 quarts of Rum: of perker delivered to his sonn Jonathan 27 bushels of oats and 1/2 still due to mee from mr perker one barle of mallaces and all is Even
    Tusday the 31
    the 30th of this moneth our Rams were brought whome
  • The Ninth month is November & hath 30 days
  • wensday the first
    it was a day of Thanksgiven
    Thursday the 2d wee wer about gallops Land
    and manaseth came heare monday
    & the 6 day wee met billings with samuels steere as he was goeing to the bay and
  • wensday the 8
    the 7th day Daniel Crum and Rachell Roberts were maried
  • wensday the 15
    was a day of humilliation
    Thursday the 16 a great storme
    sabath day the 19 wee had A sacrament
    the 21 day I was at New London
  • wensday 22
    Thursday 23 manaseth went whome
    monday the 27 Aron start Junior and mehitable shaw were maried
    28 a towne meeting to publisk Court orders
  • wensday 29
    Thursday 30 there was a snow fell
  • The tenth month is december and hath 31 days
  • the first is friday
    This weeck wee killed our steere and swine
    I was ill in my back
  • friday the 8 day and
  • friday the 15
    the Committee met at Norwich
    monday the 18 wee drove our Catle to Tagwounck
    wensday the 20th we met at mr Noyse his house and agreed to pay for the wine 1 s a man. 11 of us for the yeare Ensueing
  • friday the 22
    Captayne Chapman was heare
    Captayne dennison came whome
    I began to Thresh sumer wheat
    23 day our dogg was shot
    Thursday 28 a meeting to CHose COnstables
    the same day I payd mr Noyse 7 bushels of wheate 35 Towards his Next yeares Rate
    sabath day the 31

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