The Diary of Thomas Minor, Stonington, Connecticut


  • The ninth moneth is November hath 30 days
  • The first is wednesday
    a day of publick Thankesgiving
    sabath day the 5 wee had no meeting
  • wednesday the 8
    I was at New london for my chest
    the 10th day I ffetched whome the Ram
  • wednesday the 15
    I had Corne of queoducks
    the 16 day I was at Ephraims and Joseph
  • wednesday the 22
    the 20 day I was at Cales
  • wednesday 29
    thursday the 30 a meeting to be at mr Noyses house
    mistris wels admited to pertake with the Church
  • The tenth month is December .31. days
  • the first friday
    the third sabath day the lords super administred
  • friday the 8.
    sabath day the 10th Mr Noyse came not to the meeting
    monday the 11 I fetched the swine whome
  • friday the 15 and
  • friday the 22.
    I brought whome the steere
  • friday the 29.
    we had all our Catle whome and
    Mr Noyse was heare; and Manaseth
    sabath day the 31.
    26 day we chose constables
    Marah was published


  • The eleventh month is Januarie hath .31.days
  • the first is monday
  • monday the 8.
    Thomas Avery was heare and his wife Deborah Frinke went whome
    Joseph Pemerton brought Marah hither
  • monday the 15.
    the 16 day I was at Poquatuck to see Marah
    thursday the 18 day it was wet
  • monday 22.
  • monday 29. I branded colts at Gallops
    30 we were at writers
    31 we examined Henrie Stevens Prentice his father refused to let him go with his master and sayd he would resist his master and the Comrs too and toke him by the hand and held him
  • The twelvth moneth is february hath .28. days
  • the first is Thursday
    we were at Mr Noyses in preparation to the sacrament
    the 4th day we had the lords super
    the 7th day Ephraim Joseph and Elis was heare
  • Thursday 8 day and
  • Thursday 15
    the 19 day I made an end winowing of oates we had 41 bushes and Marah 47 and an halfe
  • Thursday 22
    I was at Tho Averies Samuel was sick saterday 24.
    I was at mill wensday the 28 day
  • The first moneth is march hath .31. days
  • Thursday the Creation 5632 and leap yeare 1 day I fetched whome my plow
    the year of our lord 1683 and
  • Thursday the 8 day
    I was at the mill and maried John Bolton rezident in Stoneington and Sarah Chesebrough of the same town
    Major Winthrop was at mistick
  • the 15 day
    I maried John Holam reziding in Stoneington and Prudence Richardson of the same towne
    the 19th day Joseph Pemerton now reziding in Stoneingtom and the widow Marah Minor were maried; the 20th day a deep snow
    wednesday 21 manaseh came hither
  • Thursday .22.
    friday 23 Joseph and Marah Pemerton went away
    friday 30 Manaseth and his family came hither Thomas Rose brought me too paier of shews saterday .31.
  • The 29 of march 1683 I was Joseph Pemertons
  • The second month is April hath .30. days
  • sabathday the first
    saterday the 7th I made an end sowing of wheate and oats
  • sabath day the 8.
    we had the sacrament of the Lords super
    Thursday the 12 day I payd my contrie rate 2 bushles of wheate five pecks and halfe of Indean Corne at .00-11-02. the same day I was at mill and Elnathan
  • sabath day the 15.
    the 16 day Clement and Hanah was heare
    I was at our daughter pembertons with my letter and
  • sabath day 22.
    the 23 Manasth begun to plow for indean corne in the playne
    the 26 day the Church met at the meeting house about an agreement to renew our Covenant and Concerning the Children of the Church to apeare at sometime apoynted by mr Noyse to discourse with him that he might be satisfied of theyr knowledge that is to say all adult persons maried at one time; and unmaried at another; also concerning goodwife deane her acknowledgment; whether searles and his wife did sufficiently prove the mater;
    28 day I was at Thomases
    monday 30
  • The third moneth is May hath .31. days
  • Tusday the first
    the 7 day I was at mr Noyses
  • the 8th day Tusday
    I sowd parsneps in the garden Manasseth plowed for semunt
    the 13th day Hope Chapman and Marth Queenbee were published
  • the 15 day is Tusday
    John came heare and
  • Tusday 22.
    23d I was at New London
    John went home I gave my Testimony concerning Mr Blindmans letter that he had received his pay from mr Christohers by bils of exchang from newfoundland by Hopkins and lane;
    I delivered to Mr Plum 4 shillings for John Birchard merit Hue Huberd widow Waterhous being present
    Monday 28 I was at Thomas Averys and my wife
  • Tusday 29.
    Wednesday 30, wee shore some sheep
    Thursday 31. a day of humilyation
  • The fourth moneth is June hath 30 days
  • Friday the first
    I reckned with Henrie Stephens due 4.2
    the 6 day John Coale and his wife was examined
  • friday the 8th.
    the 11th day I cleaved clabords and was at mill
    the 13 day Clements mare was buried
    the 14 day I was at the saw mill
  • friday the 15.
    Manaseth dresed clapboardes
    the 18 day Joseph brought hither his calves
    the 21 day Hanah was heare and
  • friday 22
    the 28 day Manaseth was at New London
  • friday 29
    wee began to mow and
    Saterday the 30
  • The fifth moneth is July hath 31 days
  • sabath dat the first
    and the second day monday I caried mr Noyses firkin of buter came to 80 pound the firkin weighed 13.1 so there remained 10 shillings to me
    The 2d day of July Ebinezer Billings brought whome my Two horses and took 4 l of woole for his labour
  • sabath day the 8
    the sacrament was administred
    monday the 9th quinameset began his 20 days for a coate and
  • sabath day the 15
    friday the 20th wee began to reape wheate and
  • sabath day 22
    monday 23 wee had 400 sheaves of wheate
    friday I was visiting the sick and
  • sabath day 29
    Tusday 31
  • The sixth moneth is Agust hath 31 days
  • wensday the first
    my wife went to Hanahs mr Richardson sent for mee
    sabath day the fift about one a clok in that Mr Richardson departed this life
  • the 8th day
    A day of humillation I was at New London
    wensday the 8th of Agust 1683 I and manaseth begun with Hugh Hubberd to ferie ...
    monday the 13 a greate storme that blasted all the trees
  • wensday the 15
    friday the 17 Thomas Avery his wife and children was heare
    mistris Richardson made her will the 15 wensday
    21 Tusday I was at Naraganset
  • wensday 22
    friday 24 I came whome
    Thursday the 30 I was taken sick and continued so eight weekes and was wholy lost
  • The seventh moneth september hath 30 days
  • saturday the first
  • The eight moneth is october hath 31 days
  • monday the first
  • the 28 day of this moneth was the first time I came to the meeting house
  • The ninth moneth is November hath 30 days
  • Thursday the first and
    sabath day the 4th Mr Okes preached at stoneington and
  • Thursday the 8
    Hanah fetched her sheep the 9 day and
    Ephraim and Joseph brought the 32 pound of lead
    we had 42 sheep this 9th day
    the 12 day monday we fecthed 4 bushells of Turneps at Gershum Palmers and
  • Thursday the 15
    I was at mil
    the 16 day we killed our swine
  • Thursday 22
    the 25 day we had a Sacrament I was sick
The 10th day of November 1683 James Yorke senior was buried
  • The tenth moneth is december hath 31 days
  • saterday the first this weeke John and Thomas Minor wer heare with us
  • saturday 8
    they went both away this weeke there was a court at New London
  • the 8 day
    at night Cristopher Avery died it being saturday
  • saturday the 15
    Thomas Avery was heare
    the 16 day I was at meeting
    the 18 day day Manaseth killed the pide bull
  • saturday the 22
    I delivered simun the 15 shillings of mony and goodman Deane was hearer
    The 28 day Josephs third sonn was borne [Christopher]
  • saterday the 29th day
    Thomas Avery and his wife and theyr two children went home
    monday 31

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