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MINER in Chatham, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
1806 Selden H of Hebron, m. Anna SHEPARD of Chatham, Feb 14, 1838, by Rev. Harvey Talcot

Records for Other Surnames

MINER in Durham, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
1232 James m Elizabeth LEETE, Sept 1, 1841

MINER, MINOR in East Hartford, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
xcx Abbott m Nancy STARKWEATHER of East Windsor, Nov 30, 1836, by Rev Gurdon Robins
xxx Elizabeth J of Hartford, m Richard CRUTTENDEN of Guilford, Feb 10, 1836, by Rev T H Gallaudet
2164 Harriet of Hartford, m Thomas BURCH of Stonington, Jan 22, 1835, by Rev Charles Fitch
xxx Maria m George STARKES of East Windsor, Nov 9, 1838, by Rev Heman Bangs
Boz Martin H m Adaline VORREY of Hartford, Apr 20, 1841, by Rev J S Eaton
2003 Rev. Noyes W of Long Meadow, Mass., m Maria HUBBARD of Hartford, Sept 7, 1848, by Rev W Clarke
2154 Phebe C of Stonington, m Allen CROWELL, (Capt), of Barnstable, Mass., Sept 27, 1843, by Rev J S Eaton
2154 Phebe C of East Hartford, m Capt. Allen CROWELL of Barnstable, Mass., Sept 27, 1843, by Rev J Sewall Eaton
2671 Selden Jr of Wethersfield, m Maria F LYMAN of Hartford, May 11, 1835, by Rev H Stanwood
xxx Susan A of Hartford, m John R BARRAS of England, Sept 28, 1853, by Rev W Clark
xxx Thomas of Middletown, m Harriet STRONG of Hartford, Nov 25, 1847, by Rev Horace Bushnell

MINER in Goshen, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
1167 Alden of Norfolk, m Julia CADY of Goshen, Feb 20, 1823, by Rev Joseph Harvey
2073 Ezra H of Cornwall, m Adaline L ALLEN of Goshen, Apr 25, 1838, by Rev John Lucky
xxx Rhoda S of Goshen, m Itheil B TUTTLE of Lee, Mass., Oct 8, 1823, by Daniel Brayton, Elder. Int.pub

MINER in Granby, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
xxx Julia m Hiram SAGE, Mar 27, 1833, by Abner Case, J.P.

MINER/MINOR in Greenwich, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
xxx Adaline m Nelson D SCOFIELD, Oct 14, 1832, by Stephen Waring, J.P.
xxx Ann m James H FAIRCHILD, Sept 7, 1822, by Isaac Lewis
xxx Cornelius m Grace W MEAD, b of Greenwich, Dec 13, 1842, by B M Yarrington
xxx Maria m Elijah MERRITT, Jan 4, 1829, by C Wilcox

MINER in Haddam, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
xxx Phehiemel of Lyme, m Nancy Ann BATES of Haddam, May 28, 1830, by Rev Peter G. Clarke, of East Haddam

MINOR in Hamden, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
xxx Polly A of Woodbury, m Eilson PECK of Hamden, Oct 13, 1850, by Rev Israel P Warren

MINOR in Hartland, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
xxx Christopher of Stonington, m. Fanny Steward of Granville, MA, 29 Jan. 1824
xxx Helen m. Charles H Mitchell, b. of Hartland, 17 Nov. 1844
1576 Joel Jr. m. Nancy Kellogg, 25 Nov. 1802
693 Joel d. 11 May 1805, ae 55
2952 Joel s. Joel Jr. & Nancy, b. 28 June 1807
693 Julius s. Joel & Temperance, b. 27 May 1792
693 Nancy Kellogg d. Joel Jr. & Nancy, b. 1 Mar. 1804

MINER in Killingworth, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
2395 Frederick M m Amelia C FRANKLIN, June 29, 1845, by Rev E Swift, of East Haddam

MINER in Ledyard, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
xxx Abby C m Orlando S HEDDON 2d, b of Stonington, July 11, 1844, by Rev Cyrus Miner
xxx Emily E m Nelson GALLUP, b of Ledyard, Sept 4, 1850, by Timothy Tuttle
xxx Harriet D of Ledyard, m Capt. Jeremiah CONGDON of Montville, June 23, 1839, by Timothy Tuttle
2184 Manasser of Stonington, m Fanny HARPER of New York City, June 18, 1848, by Timothy Tuttle

MINOR in Lisbon, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
1805 Philo S of Hebron, m Sophia L POLLEY of Lisbon, Oct 14, 1834, by Rev Levi Nelson

MINER in Mansfield, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
1871 Sidney of New London, and Mary Ann Ramsdell, of Mansfield, m. May 27, 1834

MINOR in New Milford, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
1108. Abigail d. Truman and Sarah, b. May 10, 1801
1108. Abigail m. Jonathan Jessup, b. of Bridgewater, Jan. 24, 1821, by Rev. Fosdic Harrison, of Roxbury
1156. Abijah M. of Woodbury, m. Mary M. Clark, of New Milford, Oct. 9, 1822, by Rev. Fosdic Harrison, of Roxbury
1007. Anna d. Christopher & Lucee, b. Feb. 26, 1769, d. Mar. 22, 1771 (note: date crossed out)
432. Christopher m. Lucee Averel, Dec. 1, 1767
1106. Daniel d. Truman and Sarah, b. Oct. 17, 1794
xxx George C. m. Esther Rigby, b. of New Milford, May 20, 1849, by Mr. Butterfield
3887. Gilbert S. of Cornwall, m. Julia A. Pickett, of New Milford, Apr. 27, 1847, by E. Huntington
1107. John d. Truman and Sarah, b. Oct. 18, 1797
2425. Josiah L. m. Emily Lockwood, Jan. 15, 1840, by Albert B. Camp
2425. Josiah L. m. Elizabeth Hunt, b. of New Milford, Sept. 11, 1851, at Northville, by Rev. J. F. Jones. Of Northville
1008. Nathan d. Christopher & Lucee, b. Mar. 29, 1771
1109. Sally m. Hiram Ruggles, b. of Bridgewater, May 8, 1823, by Rev. Fosdic Harrison, of Roxbury
573. Sarah m. Truman Minor, July 5, 1792, in Woodbury, by Rev. Noah Benedick
499. Truman m. Sarah Minor, July 5, 1792, in Woodbury, by Rev. Noah Benedick

MINER, MINOR in Middletown, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
xxx Abel m Harriet JOHNSON, July 15, 1826, by Rev Birdseye G Noble
277gs Charles H of Lyme, m Betsey F TOWNER of Middletown, Oct 20, 1844, by Rev Andrew L Stone
xxx Christina of Middletown, m Nehemiah STEPHENS of Weathersfield, Dec 9, 1824, by Rev William Bentley
491 David Brainard son Thomas & Dorothy, b Feb 24, 1780
xxx Elizabeth M of Lyme, m Horatio W DIBBLE of Saybrook, Oct 25, 1835, by Rev Robert McEwen
492 Gilbert son Thomas & Dorothy, b apr 28, 1782; died June 17, 1821
xxx Maria H of Middletown, m Abel STRICKLAND of Portland, Nov 25, 1845, by Rev William Bentley
1628 Matthias m Eliza W ELY of Middletown, May 3, 1832, by Rev John Cookson
1871 Samuel m Elizabeth N ESTON, Dec 11, 1823, by Rev Frederick Wightman
185 Thomas, Rev. of Middletown, m Dorothy BRAINARD of Haddam, June 29, 1775
490 Thomas son Thomas & Dorothy, b Oct 15, 1777

Middletown Records for Other Surnames

MINOR in Roxbury, CT Town Records

Roxbury was organized from part of Woodbury in 1796.

Nbr Name Entry
1052. Abigail m. Eli Booth 24 Dec 1801
1052. Abigail m. Thomas Hungerford of Watertown 11 Dec 1833
1127. Charles Percy s. Silas & Sally, b. 1 May 1812
449. Shove m. Eunice Jerusha Norton, dau Issacher of Washington, 29 Jan 1807
506ii. Silas Jr. s. Silas & Sally, b. 1 Jan 1809, d. 10 Mar 1809
1126. William Peters s. Silas & Sally, b. 1 Apr 1806

MINER/MINOR in Saybrook, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
xxx. Betsey, Mrs. m Edmund DENISON, Feb 21, 1826, by Jedidiah Post, J.P.
Unc Charles Milton son John S & Desire, b June 15, 1803
Unc John S m Desire PRATT, _____, 1802
xxx. Mary m Samuel CLARKE, July 19, 1722
xxx. Nathan of Salem, Conn., m Nancy WHITTLESEY, Dec 10, 1829, by Rev John Whittlesey
xxx. Truxton of Lyme, m Betsey BALDWIN of Saybrook, Feb 13, 1822, by Asa Wilcox, Elder
xxx. William m Melissa LOPER, Apr 6, 1851, by J A Clark, Deep River
Unc William Collins son John S & Desire, b Nov 19, 1805

MINER in Sharon, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
779 Asa son Asa & Lois, b Feb 1, 1777
789 Darius son Asa & Lois, b Nov 10, 1778
xxx Lydia J m Gideon HOLLISTER of Woodbury, Nov 4, 1846, by Rev John W Beecher of Ellsworth
781 Sylvester son Asa & Lois, b Sept 12, 1780

MINOR in Stamford, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
xxx. Angeline m. Adam Dixon Dec. 9, 1837, by Rev. Daniel Smith
511. Catharine w. Simeon H., d. Mar. 29, 1819
1130. George Albert s. Simeon H. & Catharine, b. June 10, 1817
1128. James Hinman s. Simeon H. & Catharine, b. Nov. 11, 1813
511. Simeon H. m. Catharine Lockwood, May 31, 1812, by Rev. Jonathan Judd
1129. William T. m. Mary C. Leeds Apr. 16, 1849, by Rev. Ambrose S. Todd

Stamford Records for Other Surnames

MINOR in Wallingford, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
165. Elisabeth dau. John & Elisabeth, b. Oct 18, 1741

MINOR in Wethersfield, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
2673. Charles s. [Selden & Elizabeth], b. Aug. 8, 1813
1371. Elizabeth housekeeper, wid., d. Oct. 10. 1859, ae 76 y. 8 m.
2669. Esther N. m. Timothy FRANCES, b. of Wethersfield, [Nov.] 17, [1828], by Rev. Reuben Winchell
2669. Esther Noyce d. Selden & Elizabeth, b. Aug. 4, 1806
2672. John s. [Selden & Elizabeth], b. Apr. 18, 1811
2676. Mary Ann d. [Selden & Elizabeth], b. Nov. 12, 1821
2676. Mary Ann of Wethersfield, m. Andrew S. LOVELL, of Suffield, June 9, 1843, by H.B. Kenyon
xxx Nathaniel convict, b. Norwich, d. Aug. 24, 1849
2670. Samuel Stillman s. Selden & Elizabeth, b. Mar. 8, 1808
1371. Seldon of Lyme, m. Elizabeth STILLMAN, of Wethersfield, Oct. 21, 1805, by Rev. John Marsh
2671. Selden s. Selden & Elizabeth, b. Apr. 16, 1809
Mynar Tryphena of Lebanon, m. Ephraim WHAPLES, Apr. 24, 1783, by Ephraim Carpenter, J.P.

Wethersfield Records for Other Surnames

MINOR, MINER in Windsor, CT Town Records

Nbr Name Entry
17. Grace m. Samuel Grant, Apr. 11, 1688
2586. Harry W. of Vernon, m. Mehitable Griswold of Windsor, Apr. 11, 1827, by Henry A. Rowland
1327. Jesse of Vernon, m. Hannah Pomeroy, of Windsor, June 10, 1825, by Rev. Augustus Bolles, of Wintonbury
xxx Phillip of Windsor, m Elizabeth Cornish, of Westfield, May 31, 1704
xxx Philip d. Dec. 7, 1711

Primary reference is the Barbour index to CT vital records before 1850 which is stored at the CT State Library in Hartford, CT and also available on microfilm and as a series of softbound books put out by the Genealogical Publishing Co.


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