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638. Wilcox Park Veterans Day Boxes (5) A stroll around one of New England's largest "village greens" behind the library in downtown Westerly, RI

These stamps will only be available from 9:30 to 11:30 AM on November 12th during the Westerly/Pawcatuck Veterans Day parade and ceremonies, since they probably wouldn't last much longer than that in this park anyway.

1. Sit-Still Bunny - Find statue of "Runaway Bunny" and go about 100 steps at 75 deg to higher north side of multi-beech tree. Stamp sits quietly on backside of small "bunny stone".

2. The Bandstand - Find where we play a couple of our annual summer band concerts. Go 310 deg from the middle of the gazebo and look behind the wooden post for a small round speckled stone.

3. Dinosaur Tree - Find ancient deciduous evergreen "triangle-shaped" dawn redwood tree in hidden corner of park by greenhouse. Look in triangular cubby on western/sidewalk side of its large clubfoot for a small dark triangle stone.

4. Frog by the Pond - Find long stone bench northeast up the hill from the pond. Sit facing the pond below, then reach down the left side of the left stone leg.

5. Fish by the Fountain - Find largest ginkgo tree in southeast corner of the park (across the street from the Granite Theater) for a small fish-shaped rock on its northeast side.

643. Pete's Trombone

Hidden in one of Pete's band uniform pockets. Just ask him for it sometime when he's not marching or playing during the Veteran's Day parade in Westerly on November 12th between 9:30 and 11:30 AM.

644. Along the Veterans Day Parade Route A few more stamp rocks that we dropped off along our parade route from CT to RI.

N.B. These stamp will only be available until the end of November 2016.

1. Honoring Our Veterans - Find the small park at the top of hill at the junction of route 1 and route 234 in Pawcatuck, CT. This is the first stop on our parade route for a short ceremony including a hymn and taps. Look under the metal box between the tall cedars directly behind the statue of the World War I soldier for a small rectangular flat gray stone with the purpose of our parade written on the back.

2. Waterfire at the Bridge - Find the Pawcatuck/Westerly bridge, dividing line between CT and RI, along route 1. On the CT side are several memorials and a black railing fence along the Pawcatuck River. Follow the railing south almost to its end. In the southern nook of the last tree, between the concrete border and a long southwest-tending root, is a 4" flat red rock with a colorful little waterfire on back. ( Waterfire is generally associated with Providence, RI, but we have a smaller version here in the Westerly/Pawcatuck area as well.)

3. Carved in Stone/Not on a Tree: W&P - Find the Westerly Armory, site of our final ceremonies, along Railroad Avenue toward the north end of downtown Westerly. On the north side of the armory, look in the corner below the ramp and stairs for a red pipe with a pile of stones beneath it. A 3" ice cream cone-shaped flat stone with our initials on its back sits atop the 2 front stones in the pile. (To get the actual Westerly Armory stamp, come in during any of our annual Westerly band events that are held here and just ask us where it is!)


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