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401.     STILL DREAMING OF TRAILS A series of boxes on about a two and a quarter mile loop on the eastern side of Arcadia Management Area, Exeter, RI.

CHECKED - OK on 9 April 2011

This series features a few of the trails that Wanda has hiked parts of over the years, and might still want to go back to finish. It uses the same system of "feet for miles" as her much longer completed backpacking trek series ("Wanda's Wanda-rings") on the other side and up the road. For this series, simply find the trailhead across Arcadia Road from the Pavilion and Upper Picnic Area at Browning Mill Pond to begin the loop.

LONE STAR TRAIL     128 miles
Stamp carved by Silver Eagle of Texas

Wander east on the Arcadia Trail for 128 miles from the trail sign. You will pass a large tree on the left. The next tree on the left has a hole at its base. Look to the left of its base behind a little rock for this pleasant little piney Texas trail.

NORTH COUNTRY TRAIL     c.4600 miles
Stamp carved by Martini Man of WI

Continue on the Arcadia Trail for another 280 or so miles and step up onto the beautiful boardwalk. Proceed straight on the boardwalk for a while, then turn right, staying on the boardwalk, to pass a pond on your left. (If you turned left with the blue and yellow blazes, you could eventually access lionsmane's CDT stamps from the opposite direction to the way they are listed in the "Wanda's Wanderings" series.) At the end of the boardwalk to the right, continue straight on the dirt road to a junction. Turn left and pass around the red gate. As you pass the "ARCADIA TR" sign on the left you are almost halfway on the NCT. Continue straight on the old dirt road, following blue blazes, as a yellow blazed trail goes off to the left. Also keep straight on the old dirt road as a white blazed trail goes off to the right. When the blue blazes finally turn off to the right, take a seat on the convenient boulder to the left, but first, have a look behind the beech tree 4 steps away from the sitting boulder for this Great Lakes whopper of a trail that snakes through 7 states!

ICE AGE TRAIL     1200 miles
Stamp carved by Wisconsin Hiker

Continue uphill on the old dirt road which now has yellow blazes for 400 miles to a trail junction. White blazes go right and yellow blazes go left. You follow yellow. Cross over a boardwalk bridge and go left with yellow at the following junction. Pass through a cut log and see a large rock on the left and a fallen tree on the right. Look under the "star" of the tree's root remains for the glacial moraines that mark the boundary route of the range of the mastodons!

Stamp carved by Dixie of NC

Continue on the yellow trail, skirting around a fallen treetop. Go through a rocky ridge area to represent the "mountains", then proceed downhill, following water on your left that is flowing down towards the "sea". When you almost reach the "sea" (brook crossing), look under the fork of the cut fallen tree located immediately on your right for a marvelous trail in the making.

ARIZONA TRAIL     800 miles
Stamp carved by??? (temporary stamp byWanda)

Cross the brook, still following the yellow blazes. Cross a second brook and then pass through remnants of a stone wall. At about 800 miles there will be cut pieces of a fallen tree bordering both side of the trail. Look inside the first corner made by the logs on the left for a temporary stamp to mark another grand trail in the making.

BUCKEYE TRAIL     1440 miles
Stamp carved by ??? (temporary stamp by Wanda)

Continue on the yellow blazed trail and pass through two stone walls along the way to the end of the footpath at an old dirt road. Turn right and walk past a water hole on your right to a blazed knobby tree on the right that holds this trail that makes a ring around the whole perimeter of Ohio!

PACIFIC CREST TRAIL #4     2650 miles
Stamp carved by ??? (temporary stamp by Wanda)

Pass around the red gate and continue straight on the dirt road. As you approach the end of this dirt road and see the paved road ahead, turn right onto the boardwalk with the "Roaring Brook" sign. Follow this boardwalk to a corner and turn left off the boardwalk onto the yellow blazed trail. Continue to the paved road, cross it, and go 120 miles along the dirt driveway. Look right and go up slope in that direction to a five-trunk tree and look within for Wanda's PCT #4. Wanda says she's not sure she even wants to complete her 4th PCT, what with so many other things to do, but we had to do something to fill in the miles to get you back to the pavilion/ parking area, so hope you had fun exploring these trails!


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