Hot new LB destination - Idaho!

Just putting up a quick report from our recent trip to Idaho. Who would have thought that such a small group of far-flung letterboxers could create such a treasure trove of delightful boxes! Soon after we landed, we were enjoying sampling the chocolates and smelling the roses in the Boise area, traipsing along the "woodsy" river for which that city is named, and finding a variety of cute carvings by A-Bear, Blackvelvetrav, Lizman, and WD'A, whom we were glad to meet for exchanges as well!

Then we headed up into the Sawtooth Mountains for some hiking and camping before attempting to climb the state high point, Borah Peak, which was to be our next to last state high point "close approach" - save for Denali in Alaska. We got hailed and snowed out even before reaching "Chicken-Out Ridge", but had a great time anyway, and even left a little "RI Red" chicken up there about half a mile as our letterboxing memento!

Next we drove down to the black lava area of south central Idaho to spend a hot fun afternoon rocking and caving with Cadenza on the Craters Of The Moon, after finding her finely Land Of The Yankee Fork series up in the cool mountains the day before. We then swung back up into the frosty mountains north of Sun Valley for a bit more hiking, camping and exploring before beginning our final descent to Boise and one more big day of letterboxing.

We ended up finding well over 100 boxes in just a few days, and only wish we had more time for some of the many other nearby boxes we simply could not get to on such a short visit. Now we are already hoping to get back and make a bigger loop through Idaho, Montana and Utah in a couple of years. Meanwhile, thanks so much to that prolific little bunch of Idaho letterboxers who helped make our trip so pleasant, and especially to A-Bear and J-Bear, who joined the ranks of such such legendary letterboxing hosts as the Doubtful Guests of VA, Don and Gwen of CA, Scout Dogs of IN, Mountain Scorpia of NC, and many other fine folks all over who have shown us such great hospitality as we letterbox our way around the country. Many thanks to you all!

Wanda and Pete from RI
P137 F8496 X970

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