A Good Year's Worth of Letterboxing (Oct 2004-5)

Just wanted to take a few moments to recap another great year of letterboxing, and to once again thank the many wonderful people all around North America who have made such fine contributions to this hobby. Even though we didn't get to all the states we'd hoped to letterbox this year, and probably not even to half of the gatherings that took place, we still managed to take in more of them than ever before, and to get over 3000 new letterboxes added to our count this year as well!

What a truly incredible letterboxing year it has been, starting with the unforgettable "Monster Mash" created by Chuck and friends in Mansfield, CT early last October, followed by the Dawnlanders' and End Gang's "Four Directions" in western CT and Letterboxingbee's 2nd annual NJ gathering on subsequent weekends that same month! In November we attended the 1st western New York gathering hosted by Sprite and Highlander (and reached F6000), had a nice little break for the holidays, and then hit DeeBee's Fabulous Flamingo Fiesta in Florida in February! March had us heading out to Texas first for Silver Eagle and Little Bear's Brazos Bend "Rodeo Roundup", then up through Dallas (F7000) to Oklahoma City for Mandy's "Cabin Fever" gathering in April, with stops to meet up with Mountain Scorpia in NC and the Doubtful Guests in VA on the way home - just in time for Flutterby's "Earth Day", MayEve and Wild Rover's "Spring Fling" drive-by gather and Momma Fox's 2nd annual "MayDay" in CT! Mid May brought us back down to Maryland for Boch's Circus, hosted by Tempus Fugit, Dead Duck Chuck and the Doubtful Guests. National Trails Day in June we spent at a letterboxing event organized by Alan (letterboxer2002) in Danbury, CT, where we premiered that "Little Oscar" carving for the Letterboxing Lifetime Achievement Award (to be presented annually in October) with this first year's honorees being Jay Drew and Carolyn Stearns. (Please view this link to read about them at our P127. )

July passed reaching several short trips up to Maine and F8000! August brought Rustypuff and CSCM's "Moose Hill Mach III" gathering and a delightful mini-meet on Cape Cod with CCL and friends. September sent us flying to Idaho, where we had a great time meeting those far-flung letterboxers A-Bear, J-Bear, Cadenza, Blackvelvetrav, WD'A and Griffon. And finally back to this October, with gatherings almost every weekend, from Deanne's and friends flamboyant "Flamingo Caper" in Leominster, MA, Letterboxingbee's 3rd annual "Boxtober Fest" in Cherry Hill, NJ, Oceanwytch, Maine Kokopellian, Cooties and friends' "Fright Night at the Fort" up in Kittery, Maine, to Northstar's "Fall Gathering" on Talcott Mountain in CT wrapping up an absolutely amazing letterboxing season! And that's just some of the gatherings WE got to go to, not to mention all those we missed (but still hope to get to, maybe next year, in the South, West, Mid Atlantic, and Mid West!)

Anyway, gathering days and special days like Patriotic Girl's recent whirlwind guided tour of Winsted, CT, have been really great for all of our box counts, leaving me personally hovering on the brink of F9000 for several weeks now! However, it's still those many peaceful walks through the woods that provide the vast bulk of our day-to-day letterboxing experiences, so thanks again to all who have taken the time to plant a box or two on favorite trails everywhere. I think it's quite appropriate that "Trek to Destiny" in Lyme, CT became my PFX 10,000 on Oct 29, 2005 in under 5 years of American letterboxing. I also feel that it's quite a nice milestone marker for ALL of us here in Letterboxing North America, for it took a truly splendid combined effort of many, many different folks to get this hobby going over here, and get it to this marvelously prolific point in so short a time. Thanks again to all who have positively contributed to our brand of North American letterboxing in so many different ways!

So now it's time for us to go into a little letterboxing lull, with so many other things to catch up on. However, at least from now through the winter holidays, we'll be carrying around one of the tiny angels from the winter ski loop series "PEACE-ANGEL" we planted in RI a few years back. It's just a small store bought stamp, but if anyone would like its imprint, just say "!Hola, Angel!" (en espanol, por favor), and this little angel will wing you a wave! Hope to still see some of our dear letterboxing friends before the year is over, and many more next year! Cheers, thanks and blessings,

Wanda and Pete
P144 F8994 X1031

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