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Hitchhikers, which are a form of traveling letterbox, can be a fun part of the Letterboxing Hobby because finding them is so unexpected!

Classic versions of a hitchhiker consist of a stamp and a logbook in a watertight baggie often inside a box of their own. They are usually found waiting at a fixed location, a host letterbox, but sometimes they show up elsewhere! If you find a hitchhiker; you may record your find by stamping its logbook with your personal stamp and also with the stamp of its host letterbox. Then idea is to take it with you and place it with another host letterbox located somewhere else for someone else to find. Please let us know where and when you find a hitchhiker so that we may add your find to this web page with which we are charting their travels.

This is a historical list of hitchhikers travels from before Dec 1, 2005. More recent travels are now available on LbNA: Letterboxing North America" and on Atlas Quest .

You may locate hitchhikers in this list by clicking on the first letter of its name and then using your browser's FIND feature which is usually in the EDIT menu.

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Hitchhiker Tips and Etiquette by Silent Doug




Another aspect of the moving letterbox game is the Hitchhiker Hostel. You can visit the hostel whenever you wish, but you may only take the hitchhiking box that is residing there if you leave another such box in its place.

Known hostel type boxes:

Mad Hatter's Hitchhiker Hostel in southeastern Pennsylvania

The Inn of the Beginning in Connecticut is retired

The Inn of the End in Rhode Island

Inn at the Lakeshore opened on May 31, 2003 at the Great Lakes Gathering in Michigan

Inn of Winter in Mansfield, Connecticut

Buckeye Hills Hostel somewhere in Ohio

Wisconsin Hostel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Transportation HH Hostel in Wells, ME

I Love New York HH Hostel relocated from Cortland to Syracuse, NY

Sprilander HH Hostel in Medina, NY

Beehive HH Hostel in Skidmore, TX

T-Stop HH Hostel in Ashland, MA

Hollywoof Kennel in Los Angeles, CA

Hoosier Hostel - Shady Rest in Fort Harrison State Park, IN

South Mountain Hostel in Allentown/Emmaus, PA

Camping Out Under the Stars Hostel in Killingworth, CT

Packrat Hostel now has a permanent home in Mt. Juliet, TN

The Spot in Brainerd Park, Enfield, CT

No Problem Houston Hitchhiker Hostel is an easy drive-by in Texas

I-70 Joyrider HH Hostel is in Lawrence KS

Cozy Cavy's Hitch Hiker Hostel is in Portland, CT

Robert and Carillon II - HHH Carillon II at Stone Mountain, GA

The Jungle Inn in San Rafael, CA

Heartbreak Hostel in Ottawa County, MI

Pleasant Lake hostel in Harwich, MA

Knight Templar hostel in Norwalk, CT

Be Our Guest - Hitchhiker Resort in University Park, PA

Bird House Hostel in Charlotte, NC

Dam Rock Hostel in Dillsboro, NC

Mt. Sopris HH Hostel! in Carbondale, CO

and the

Traveler's Rest HH Hostel in Western Springs, IL

There is also exists a moving hostel named Who's Got A Bug Up Their Butt which travels as a postal letterbox.

Another varient was The PO Letterbox in Oregon


POSTAL LETTERBOXES (PLBs) come to you in the mail. Somehow, the creator of this box obtains your postal address and encloses it and others in the box along with the customary rubber stamp and logbook. Recipients of the box see your address and then know you would like the box mailed to you.

PERSONAL TRAVELERS are carried about by their creator. If you know the proper question, phrase or sometimes action to give that person, they will allow you to examine the box and place an entry in its logbook.

PARASITES seem to be hitchhikers of hitchhikers. In North America anyway. Known to be traveling:
By Catbead:
Which Way Wasp, Termite, Lilly the Louse, Fritzy the Flea, Mosquitoe, No Seeum
By Leapin' Lizards:
Leech, Tick, Tapeworm, Bedbug, Flatworm, Mite, Roundworm
Also: Bee Bee Stinger, Grapling Hook

COOTIES are a type of letterbox where one tries to sneak around hiding the box on another person-perhaps in an open backpack or jacket pocket. Once you 'catch a cootie', you stamp in and try to pawn it off onto another unsuspecting letterboxer.

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