How does it work?

The station consists of a LaCrosse WS-2310 weather station which is made up of a base station, wind speed/direction, hygro/thermometer and raingauge instrument package. The base station's clock is disciplined by its WWVB receiver. The base station communicates with the outdoor sensors over a short-range wireless link (<100 feet) at 433.92 MHz. My webserver is connected to the base station over a serial port. LaCrosse provides a PC-resident application that polls the base station every minute for sensor data. The current data set is parsed by an XML/HTML publisher application that applies a user-defined template to the data and generates a JPEG image that is updated every minute onto the webserver via FTP.

The webserver resides within my home network. I use the XITAMI webserver package hosted on a Windows XP PC. Since the IP address provided by my DSL ISP changes periodically, I use a dynamic DNS service to always find my home-based webserver.