Roguedump -- dumps rogue high score files.

Roguedump decrypts and dumps the high score files for the classic game rogue. It makes this score data available to scripts by avoiding the rogue program's more-like interactive pager.

Roguedump works on high score files produced by "rogue985": a version of rogue described in its README as "an updated version of rogue 5.3-clone". This seems to be the same version of rogue that is available on many Free UNIX systems, such as NetBSD and Debian GNU/Linux.

Since roguedump is a derivative of the above rogue source, it bears the same restrictions on copying:

 * This source herein may be modified and/or distributed by anybody who
 * so desires, with the following restrictions:
 *    1.)  No portion of this notice shall be removed.
 *    2.)  Credit shall not be taken for the creation of this source.
 *    3.)  This code is not to be traded, sold, or used for personal
 *         gain or profit.


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