Zilog eZ80F91 Acclaim! Hacking

(Image of eZ80F91 Acclaim! board running the Acalc calculator)

Moving up from the less powerful Z8 Encore! board, I recently acquired a pair of Zilog eZ80F910100KIT modular development kits. These kits feature an eZ80F91 microcontroller attached to a small development board. This configuration gives you 136KB of SRAM and about 256KB of Flash RAM. It also gives you an Ethernet network interface with 8KB of its own SRAM for frame buffering. The CPU runs at 50MHz.

My first project was "Acalc", a simple prefix notation integers-only calculator using a LISP-like notation (pictured above). The output is certainly more readable than my earlier Encore! lambda-calculus program. Ironically, hardware limitations aside, the lamda-calculus is actually much more computationally powerful.

Source: acalc-v1.tar.gz

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