Learn the awful truth about carrots, see my spiffy artwork (werewolf and other), read the insanity that is Thing #5, meet Blinky the lightbulb, and experience a host of other disorienting things.
Hermit Crab in Skull
Crawling Chaos
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Updated - 12/16/10


What the heck?
  • Welcome to Crawling Chaos. This is my ancient and rarely-updated web site. The original bits date back to 1997, when the Internet was young and we still had to design for browsers that might not support things like frames and javascript. So, yeah, someday I should really replace this with some slick new page that showcases all the crazy stuff that I create. Until then, you get links to deviantART and Livejournal, which are the places that I post art and fiction, respectively. There are a few other little bits of weirdness still floating around here as well, if you care to poke at them.
Recent Art and Ramblings (both external links)
  • deviantART - For my most recent art, check out my gallery on deviantART.
  • Livejournal - For more current access to my brain, check out my Livejournal.
Ye Site Departments
  • Art - Werewolves, light effects, fantasy characters, and all sorts of other weird stuff that I've created with pencil, brush, and digital graphics tablet. For a better updated selection of my art, visit my deviantART account.
  • Fiction - Various stories and such that I wrote. Featured styles include surreal silliness, caustic satire, dark fantasy, and horror. Now with even more words!
  • Oddness - Old weirdness, like my page about the sinister threat of carrots, a listing of Alternative Holidays, my corportate website for the sun, etc.

Contact Me - All feedback and comments gratefully accepted.