Wes Jones Art and Such

Crawling Chaos - The Art of Wes Jones

Hermit Crab Made of Junk

Hermit Crab in Skull

Hermit Crab in Skull

Hermit Crab in Jack-o-Lantern

Hermit Crab in Gingerbread House

Tainted Wolf

Tainted Wolf

Rage of Demons

Day Dream World

Cthulhu's Seal of Approval

Yule Squid

Wrath of Winter

Mixed Media

T-rex with Balloon

Dreamtime's Hunter (chrinos)



Great Big Corrupting Abomination

Shaolin Monk

Scurvy Joe (chrinos)

Hanging Gardens

Blood Mountain

Medicinal Flower Garden

Card Hunter Fan Art

Dwarf Warrior Dwarf Warrior Dwarf Warrior