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Apparently, you wish to contact me. I can be reached at, so long as the subject of your message begins with the words "Crawling Chaos."

Important! - Please, please start your subject with "Crawling Chaos" if you actually want your message to be read! My account gets lots and lots of junk mail. Some of this junk mail tries to trick me into reading it with sneaky and misleading subjects. If your subject is "hi", "Your web site", or, worst of all, "You're C@@L!!!" I'm almost certain to delete the message without reading it, assuming it to be auto-mailed garbage. Such is the curse of spam.

To review:

Message SubjectVerdict
Crawling Chaos - Your site is nifty!Good
Crawling Chaos - Your site is crap!Still good
Crawling ChaosAlso good
Love your site!Bad
Make Money Now!!!Very bad
Learn to be a Ninja!Tempting, but bad

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