Art for Exalted

This page contains artwork that I created for the Exalted campaign that I'm running (for info on Exalted, see the White Wolf site). Click on a miniature to see the larger image. As a general rule, the more recent images are near the top of the page.

99 K - Tablet - Blood of Ice - Hosted on deviantART. My Lunar Exalted character. I chose Wolf as his totem, but I'm going for a spooky winter wolf with fur that's a bit bluish and claws that look like they're made of ice. He'll have the mismatched wolf-style eyes in all of his forms as well. 658x700. Crossposted to werewolves section.
77 K - Tablet - Katsu - Hosted on deviantART. My Sidereal Exalted, a Chosen of the Maiden of Battles. This is the updated version that I created when I was getting it ready to put on a tshirt. T-shirt for sale here.
77 K - Tablet - Katsu - Hosted on deviantART. My Sidereal Exalted, a Chosen of the Maiden of Battles.
82 K - Tablet - Witchfire Golem. Hosted on deviantART. In my campaign they aren't actually golems, but are a variety of demon. Still, it's the name that occured to me and stuck, so that's how I'll always think of it. Perhaps it's a poorly understood variety of demon, and is thus poorly named in the campaign setting as well.
72 K - Tablet - Hosted on deviantART. Size reference image for some giant albino lobsters.
149 K - Tablet - Hosted on deviantART. This is Pelirion, a Fair Folk noble who approached the characters' ship while lounging in a chair poised on the back of a manta ray. Those wacky Fair Folk - they do like to travel in style.
85 K - Tablet - Spooky spirit critter things, which I refer to as "Lefty" for the time being, until their true origins become clear in the game. I think they're kind of cute, in a way. Hosted on VCL.
112 K - Tablet - Trago, Lunar Exalted with octopus totem. Hosted on VCL. 1024x768 for easy desktop use - just don't reproduce it for any other reason, please.
116 K - Tablet - Trago, Lunar Exalted with octopus totem. Hosted on VCL. Same image as above, but with a glowing outline on black instead of the shadow and white background. 1024x768 for easy desktop use - just don't reproduce it for any other reason, please.
48 K - Tablet - Shark-based hobgoblins that accompanied my aquatic Fair Folk. Hosted on VCL. 1024x768 for easy desktop use - just don't reproduce it for any other reason, please.
91 K - Tablet - Aquatic Fair Folk riding a glamour-conjured orca. I finished this off kind of hastily, cheating on the water with a filter and not really putting as much time into the Fair Folk itself as I might normally have. Drawing an orca was much harder than I expected. My first couple of attempts looked more like other kinds of whales or dolphins with orca markings put onto them. The shape of the head is much more distinctive than I thought. This still isn't quite right, but I'm reasonably happy with how it came out in the end. Alas, the extra time spent on the whale meant I didn't spend as much time as I would have liked on the Fair Folk rider. Ah, well. At least the "lance" came out okay.
59 K - Tablet - Akimaru, Fire Terrestrial Immaculate Monk.
107 K - Tablet - The Archon of Wind, Zenith Caste Solar Exalted.
34 K - Tablet - Peleps Karanasi, Earth Aspected Terrestrial.
122 K - Tablet - Peleps Valiaru, Fire Aspected Terrestrial.
94 K - Tablet - Keeper of Fallen Wisdom, Abyssal Exalted. I used Painter a bit for this one, and some different brushes in Photoshop, as well. Mmmm...variety.
52 K - Tablet - Teluga's Eye. Another critter for my Exalted game.
115 K - Tablet - Mithren Ka. This is Ryan Good's character. He had a contest for which people submitted illustrations of his character based on his description. Then visitors to his site voted, and the winner got his version immortalized on the website and won a copy of Aspect Book: Earth. I thought I'd try my hand, and I was really pleased with how my entry came out. I found out about the contest on a Monday, and submissions were only accepted until that Wednesday, so there was a bit of a frenzy to finish it. Alas, it did not win. Still, I had fun with it.
71 K - Tablet - Guardian Mech. This is a First Age automaton the players found guarding a manse in the deserts of the south. It stands about 20 ft tall and is constructed of red and white jade. I was pretty happy with how this came out, since I was aiming for an anime giant robot look for it.
76 K - Tablet - Sandstorm Walker. This is actually a much older illustration, but the encounter with these in the game kept getting pushed further and further into the future. They are sand-dwelling critters that siphon the sand up through their hollow legs and spray it from the ports behind their heads. They hunt in packs and cooperate to form small-scale sandstorms to cover their attacks. The fight with these went okay. The didn't inflict a whole lot of damage, but I think they were interesting to fight, at least.
56 K - Pencil - Song of Weeping Crimson, Abyssal Exalted. This one I drew in my sketchbook to see how hard the transition would be to go back to pencil and paper after working on the tablet for so long. It has some problems - his stance is a little awkward, and I'm not delighted with how I have him holding the sword. I didn't really plan this out very well before I started - after all, I'm used to being able to move selections around on the screen. Still, it came out better than I expected it to.
65 K - Tablet - Here's one of the critters that menaced the characters in my game when they spent some time on a flying ship. They were never designed to be particularly dangerous, but poor dice rolls on their part made them even less effective. Oh, well, they were still fun to draw.
65 K - Tablet - Lady Ravel, Fair Folk noble. Seen here with one of her "hounds," which fade into transparency the slower they are moving.
85 K - Tablet - First Age craft piloted by Ogun Cloudrunner, Solar Exalted. This image is meant mostly to showcase the First Age craft. When I ran the session featuring Ogun, I had an even more vague figure as the pilot. I fleshed it out a little afterwards, but it doesn't seem terribly worthwhile to put a lot of time into illustrating something that they players have already seen.
75 K - Tablet - Isarev, Lunar Exalted with Tyrant Lizard hybrid form. Total work time on this image was about 5 hours.
47 K - Tablet - One of the terrible things that lurks in the tunnels of Gethamane. Well, at least in my campaign.
67 K - Tablet - Another thing from the deeper tunnels of Gethamane. When designing the critters that live in Gethamane, I decided to depart from the basic head/body/tail/4 limbs setup that seemed to be the basis for all of the stuff I was drawing at the time. This one is perhaps the oddest, though.
73 K - Tablet - Here's the updated version of this one, with lines smoothed out and two extra appendages added. Looking at this, I can't help wondering if there are some dark, unresolved issues lurking in my brain.
84 K - Tablet - This one is a piece of the fragmented demon the group is currently dealing with. I had a lot of fun with this one.
86 K - Tablet - The fortress for the Deathlord that I created for my game, Thirteen Obsidian Knives.
119 K - Tablet - From much earlier in the game. This was a creature they found living in the underground Manse at the start of the game. I had expected them to be sort of dangerous - it helped put the system more in perspective when I saw how quickly the group hewed through 5 of these things.

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