Crawling Chaos Fiction

I write weird stuff, and that includes weird fiction. Collected here are some of the (very) short stories that I've written over the years. Feel free to read them, and even save copies if you dearly love them. Just don't distribute them to anyone else in any other form, and obviously don't remove my name from them. Thanks.

Note: Some of these stories contain violence, the supernatural, and/or other possibly objectionable themes. If any of these things disturb you, it might be best if you didn't read any of my stories. Also, I hope it goes without saying that the views and/or beliefs of the characters are not necessarily my own, and I do not condone any sort of violent or destructive behavior. There, now I can't get in trouble. = )

Wow, this stuff is all ancient! For fiction written in something even approaching the recent past, check the fiction I've posted to Livejournal.

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