Customer Service Information

Sure, we may not be the biggest star in the sky, or the hottest. But you know how it is with those bigger operations - it's all so impersonal. You're just a number to them. With the Sun you've got more than just heat, light, and structured movement. You've also got a bright, cheery friend. And we're such a nice color!

Our furnaces and orbital stability are running all the time - 24 hours a day, if that's how long you've decided your day is. We've provided uninterrupted service to our solar system for billions of years. We're commited to providing you with the best service we can, until, millions of years from now, we explode.

We're far too hot to be able to recieve regular postal mail, but feel free to send us email if you have any questions or comments about us or our services. Currently, we can be reached through Wes Jones.

Thanks for visiting the Sun!

Note: We cannot accept responsibility for service interruptions due to the placement of moons and other planetary satellites. Customers are urged to manage such celestial bodies with care.