Technical Information

Curious about the specifics for our little operation? We've put together a few statistics we hope you'll find interesting and informative. Of course, these aren't exact figures - we have to protect our trade secrets, you know.

Visible Diameter:1,400,000 Kilometers
Surface Temperature:6000 degrees Kelvin
Core Temperature:16 million degrees Kelvin
Core Pressure:14690000000 lbs. per square inch

We travel through the galaxy at a speed of about 250 Kilometers per second, with all sorts of things orbiting us at various speeds. Don't stick your arms out the windows.

Our Hydrogen - Helium furnace converts 650 million tons of Hydrogen into 645.5 million tons of Helium per second...hence our squeaky voices. Every second, we give off the same amount of energy released by the explosion of 100 billion tons of TNT. No need to worry, though - our customers are kept far enough away that they just experience some pleasant sunshine, rather than total annihilation.